Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

February 1-5th

What is going on?

Math: In math we will begin a unit of study on area. We’ll use concrete models to show and find the area of a rectangle.Students will work with tangrams to decompose 2-D shapes by cutting or dividing the shape to find and identify a new shape. We will create 2D shapes based on given attributes.

Reading: Our focus in reading workshop: How to determine the meaning of an unknown word by using context clue strategies. We will also be introducing synonyms and antonyms.

Writing: There are two types of fiction stories 2nd graders will learn to write: realistic fiction and imaginative fiction. This week we will focus on realistic fiction. Students will learn to create stories about real people, placing them in current day settings, and giving them a problem to try to solve in a believable way.

Science: This week, we will continue our study on weather. Students will understand how weather affects people’s activities and what they wear. Later in the week students will learn about natural hazards such as, floods, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes along with the cause and effect relationship. Daily students will record the weather in their weather log.

Sight Words: We are learning the following words this week: between, drink, giving, left, part, ran, start, way

Please continue to work with your child to read, write, and spell these words with consistency.

Feb. 12 Party day- don't forget a gift bag.

Feb. 15th No School for students

Feb. 22nd Six Flags Reading Logs Due (whole class goal)

Feb. 26th Book Orders Due

We needed a new system/ refresh for behavior. Our little monkeys were monkeying around too much. I have started Class Dojo. So far it is amazing!! Please sign up, and you can view how many points your monkey earned and lost during our day. It was sent home on Wed. in your child's planner. I am giving the kids a point if you sign up. It even shows a cool graph of " positive "and" needs work " behaviors during the school day. Please check in daily or a few times a week. I appreciate your support!

Please turn in the Savings Pass Fundraiser card- I need to collect the unsold cards.

Six Flags Reading Logs- Due Feb. 22nd

These kids are going to Six Flags! They have their logs turned in: Woot Woot! Way to rock it!









Valentines Party:

As you know the Valentine's Party is low key this year. Please have students send in a gift bag to contain their Valentine cards. This takes place of "the box." I would prefer to have the name section blank and the kids just distribute and write From: __________

But, I understand if your little dahling wants a certain Valentine to go to a certain is the list of names.

Seejal, Calvin, Sofia, Anna, Savya, Karina, Saransh, Nila, James, Parker, Addison, Riley, Luke, Bella, Morgan, Sean, Aditya, Harley, Tanusri, Annikka

We need Enrichment Volunteers!

Please sign up if you can volunteer for Chess, Robotics, or Coding. Thank you for considering!

Sign Up Genius Link for Parent Volunteers:

Have a good weekend!