Stop Smoking

The effects of smoking

The Effects Of Smoking

Smoking can cause cancer, lung cancer, gum disease, blindness. All of these diseases can cause you to die. First handed smokers spend one thousand dollars a year for cigarettes. If you smoke you are effecting the environment and harming other peoples body.
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Chemicals In Cigarettes

Cigarettes have over a thousand chemicals inside of them. Some of them are cyanide, tar, nicotine, hydrazine, carbon monoxide, urea, formaldehyde, toluene, acetone. These are only a few of the chemical's in a cigarette and there are a lot more chemicals. Some of these chemicals are found in rocket fuel, bug spray, gasoline, nail polish remover and many more places where you can find the chemicals.

First Handed smokers and second hand smokers

First handed smokers are people smoke the cigarette.

A second hand smoker is a person who inhales the smoke from the cigarette.

First hand smokers spread the smoke around to other people and that is how they are second hand smokers.

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How smokers get addicted

Smokers get addicted when they have there first cigarette and when they have there second cigarette than they want many more. So they spend every single dollar on cigarettes.
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