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September 2021

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the beginning of a new school year! It's so great to see everyone! This year, I am excited to share the following additions in the areas of Curriculum and Instructional Technology: 1) These monthly newsletters will come out with updates on PD, technology tips, and news from staff/students sharing what's happening in classrooms. 2) A year long, robust mentorship program for new teachers in the district. We will be working on instructional practices, providing necessary support, and completing a book study together. We are reading The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros and meeting monthly. 3) A district team to work on innovative instructional practices. They will work with the Teach Better Team, specifically Chad Ostrowski, to work on innovative, personalized instructional strategies. 4. Building wide committees to focus on equity and inclusivity. Our first goal this year is to become designated NO PLACE FOR HATE schools through the Anti-Defamation League. I am so excited to embark on all of this work with all of you. Here is the first newsletter to share some happenings that occurred here over the summer. Please feel free to share with me any updates in your classroom or department as the year goes on so we can highlight all of the wonderful experiences the students receive in WHB!

Meet Mr. Chad Ostroski !

Chad, or “Mr. O” as his students fondly call him, taught middle school science in a high-needs district where he held multiple leadership roles. It was here that he developed The Grid Method- Mastery Learning System within his own classroom and witnessed the success of his students. After dedicating his time to instructing other teachers how to use his methods, Chad made the difficult decision to leave the classroom so that he could reach more schools, more teachers, and, most importantly, more students. Chad has presented at numerous educational conferences and continues to develop and research innovative educational practices. HERE IS A LINK to a FREE course on Chad's grid method.

Sign up for the District Team to work with Chad HERE on October 22, 2021!

School Highlights

Tech. Tips/ PD Information

Discovery Ed. Integrates with Immersive Reader. WATCH HERE!

Please learn about our new form of communication, that will replace Connect Ed, called Parent Square HERE!

HERE is where to sign up for a webinar on using Parent Square to increase parent engagement.

Learn about Jamboard (Google interactive whiteboard), how to use it, and find some templates HERE!

Please fill out this FORM for any PD you feel is needed or to give a fellow colleague a shout-out!

Twitter Challenge

Join Twitter to start growing your #pln. The ideas and connections are endless. Follow Dr. Probst and me! @cjprobst @JessicaT_Wills @Whbschools @WhbMentors and use #WHBPride hashtag.

First challenge is to join and follow the above people/groups. Also, follow five Edu leaders to build your community. Here are some leaders and their handles to get started!

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