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Postive, positive, positive: Remember to catch your students doing the right thing as much as you can. We are seeing a decline in tickets. Let's not lose all the progress we have made this year in these last few weeks.

Retraining: One of the most powerful parts of our MIR process is the REQUIRED retraining. When a student is given an MIR, a calm conversation must take place. During that conversation with the teacher, retraining and a plan for moving forward must occur. Please do not skip this step.

Turn in Post Assessments to Lisa! Flesh out June Unit Details. :) Work together. This could be a cool June.


  • Students must read for first 10 minutes.
  • Please do not let students leave classroom without a pass.
  • Keep a sign out sheet.
  • Watch who leaves each day and who does not.
  • Please do not send same students to library each day or Student Lounge (if it is open).
  • AND...No vending machine use. Students may only use those during lunch or after school.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

There will be small gestures of gratitude extended your way this week. All of it is much deserved! When you can, check out the movie clip below. Thank you for putting our students first and making a place for them here.

Corinth Middle School Office

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible
Freedom Writers (4/9) Movie CLIP - I Am Home (2007) HD