what traits makes up inner beauty?

About Me

Hi, my name is Asia Xiong. I am a sophomore who attend F.L. Schlagle high School and i am in the Class of 2018. I have a passion for art, makeup, music, and volleyball. I am a very clumsy and cautious person if you get to know me. I'm pretty goofy you could say. But i am very ambitious. I'm just an ordinary girl who has big dreams and so many questions about this world. I have my flaws and imperfections, but that's what makes me and who i am and I love it. No one can tell or change me who i am and no one can stop me from me being me. I dislike the fact that people bring down others by pointing out their flaws. They don't understand how someone can be so hurt from it and how insecure they get from that. That's one of my pet peeve. I love helping people and making them feel better. It's one of the things i do best and the outcome from doing those makes me feel better about myself.

Essential question

Beauty is always a big issue in social media and in this world. It comes from all ranges and category. From being too skinny or too fat or being the most beautiful girl to the most "Ugliest". It doesn't matter what your appearance looks like. But what matters the most is inner beauty and inner beauty has it all. My question is," What traits makes up inner beauty?". Reason being of this question is because I want to learn and gain knowledge what traits makes up inner beauty and how it affects us as a human being or even how to gain it.

Explanation of Topic

What i know about inner beauty is that, inner beauty comes from the heart. It affects your personality and who you are as a human being. People will see how beautiful as a person you are. But while researching this question, i hope to get deeper into this and hope to gain more knowledge of what i know about inner beauty. Most of all, i hope others will gain how beautiful the way they are and realizing who they are themselves.

My Process

What is Inner Beauty?

This article talks about the traits or the characteristics of inner beauty. As i was reading the article, it shows the different types of traits and there is a little description down below of the trait. You can look like miss universe and so on but having a wicked heart is a no no. These traits will help you gain your inner beauty.


MLA format:

Roseanne Tang, "Tangspiration: What is Inner Beauty? My Top 10 Characteristics of a Truly Beautiful Woman", 11 Nov 2011. Web. 19 Mar 2016.

How to Embrace Your True Beauty (Not the Media’s Ideal)

This article not only talks about inner beauty but it shows how you can gain it as well. It is a step to seeking what your inner beauty are. One of the quotes that was put into this article is really good. It is “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ~Kahlil Gibran, and it very simple and deep. Understanding the value of inner beauty will show you the truth of this world. It makes you stand out and shine.


MLA format:

Barrie Davenport,"How to Embrace Your True Beauty (Not the Media’s Ideal)", M.D.Web. 19 Mar 2016.

Suli Breaks - What Is Beauty
This video explains that beauty is not about the outside or what the social media says what beauty is suppose to be. As human beings, we don't see beauty in each other. We misunderstand what beauty is.

Age beautifully

I found a database on inner beauty. This database explains the significant of aging beautifully. The meaning of it is appreciating yourself and to value you as you age. This article gives an example on a person perspective and seeing them appreciating themselves. The person learns to love herself as she age and what she thinks about inner beauty.


MLA Format:

Ungless, Janet. "Age Beautifully." Prevention 65.8 (2013): 46-49. Health Source - Consumer Edition. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

We can't stay young... but inner beauty never fades.

Reading through this database made me realize that you're always growing up so quick. In this database, this person is explaining as she age, she realize that we can never stay young. She also intended that inner beauty never goes away. As she tells us about her life, she ask herself if looks really matters or the way you feel about yourself. It is important to think how you feel and not what other make you feel on how you look. You have to understand that you can't be anyone else but be you.


MLA Format:

"We can't stay young... but inner beauty never fades." Daily Mail 13 Jan. 2016: 16. Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

Insecurely: A Spoken Word
This video states that you are loved for who you are. There's no need to impress anyone else. Love yourself for who you are and show them how beautiful you are. Every little thing that you do is being appreciated by someone else. Don't need to look good for anyone but yourself. So therefore, be YOU.

Further Steps

My further steps on researching this topic are finding how you can value yourself and how you can teach someone else to value and finding the true beauty in them. As well as to stand up for people who gets bullied or shamed on and to love them for who they are. To teach people how to be positive and not negative. Most definitely, i need to work on applying this to myself.


Finding true beauty (inner beauty) can be stressful at times and may take longer than you thought it would be. But once you find it, things will be so much better and and you will feel more positive in you.Reading the articles made me think about how important it is to value yourself first. While researching this topic, i was stressed out because i didn't know what to do in the beginning. But overall, i learned so much about how much it is important to love yourself and how it affect us human beings. It was beneficial to me because i've learned so much that i can apply it to myself and help others apply it to them.