NBA Basketball Skills

by. Christi Risenhoover


NBA players require more skills than people think.

People these days tend to watch sports on the television and yell at a ball call or play. Do they really know what it takes to play on an official NBA team?

An average basketball player tends to posses the basic skills. (Dribbling, shooting, running, passing and jumping.) The professional teams require so much more than the basics. Although you make think you have the skill to make a NBA team, you may be lacking several capabilities.

NBA players train through much conditioning and strength. Professional leagues include several more skills such as; physical ability, thinking big, aggressiveness, confidence, basketball IQ and "being in the moment".

Thinking big and physical ability seem simple, yet take a lot of work. Physical Ability is does not mean just being fast, strong or the best jumper. The best basketball players are mobile, agile and have excellent hand to eye coordination. Thinking big is what the top players have learned to do. They stop having doubts in their abilities.

Aggressiveness is what NBA players have each time they play. Players become fierce and determined when playing. This level of concentration, passion and competitiveness sends their level of game even higher.

Confidence is what the top players have that enables them to reach higher goals. They believe in themselves and know that they can dominate in every game.

Being in the Moment means that players don't let a bad play bother them. They keep calm inside and don't let negative thoughts hurt their abilities.

Basketball IQ means when a player knows how limit mistakes. The top players know how to work together to have less mistakes then their opponents.

All these skills come with hours and hours of training. Although you may be the best at your school, that does not necessarily mean you are ready for professional leagues. Next time you watch the NBA on television, or in the stand, make sure you think about how much time and effort they put into a game before you correct them.