The Awesome, Tiny, Blue Flash-Drive

(It's pretty awsome!)

There was once a kid that had a blue flash-drive. He loved this flash-drive, for all of his information was on it, even how to invent a time machine!!!! He had relied on this flash-drive all of his life.

One day, he was walking to school. When he got there, the teacher asked to see his homework, which had been to write a HUG book report which he had done on a computer, and he said "OK". He reached into his backpack, and... oh no!!!! He had lost it!!!! He raced back out to the way he had came in, and it wasn't there!!!! He went back to the sidewalk, which he took every day to and from school, and it wasn't there!!!! He called his mom, and she said she'd look, but he knew it probably... wasn't there. All of his assignments were late, because he had to re-do them all. From then on, he always saved his documents in more than one place, and kept his new flash-drive, which was also blue and on a key-chain, in a safe place.

The moral of the story: never put all your eggs in one basket.