Journeys for Freedom

Jaylen Abby Andres Kaia Drake Kylee Phoebe

Freedom of Rights

The treasure that I have chosen is Women’s Rights. I found this treasure while reading the passage: Soldier in Disguise. In that chapter, a woman (Deborah Sampson) wishes to serve her country by fighting in the war against the Redcoats (British). Woman had very limited rights (next to none really) which meant that they could not be military officers/soldiers. Deborah had disguised herself as a man (cut her hair like men did at the time, dressed in male clothes, wrapped her chest, etc.), signed up for the military, and became a very good soldier. Later she was promoted into a special ranger unit. She stopped at nothing to keep her identity a (secret stitching her own wounds, taking bullets out of herself, staying wrapped up at all times, etc.), but was later found out. Although she was a woman, the general (her superior officer) admitted that she was one of the best soldiers they’d ever had, and allowed her to return home because of her four years of service. I chose this treasure because it is still a major problem. Women (such as Muslim women) are restricted from rights that you and me may have. For example, some Muslim women have started to protest for them to be able to drive or choose what they wear. These seem like simple little things, right? Wrong! Women have fought for years to get the rights they deserve, which we have achieved, but some countries haven’t quite gotten there. This is a treasure that needs to be known, so that is why I chose it.

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Discrimination Against Women #HeForShe

Religious of Freedom

Religious freedom needs to be more “free” in our world. Too many people get made fun of or get picked on about their religion. If you decide you want to be a Christian, you shouldn’t be treated poorly because of it. If you want to be a Muslim you shouldn’t be teased because you are a Muslim. It’s your choice of what you want to be in your life. Same with being gay, lesbian, or bisexual, we should have the right to have our own religious freedoms. Don’t let people make fun of you because of your race, skin color, liking, or your religion. Don’t let other people decide your lifestyle. It’s your life don’t let people decide it for you it for you, except you.

What Is Religious Freedom?
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Freedom from Segregation

I chose the freedom of equality. I chose this freedom because it shouldn’t matter what color your skin is, everybody should have equal rights. Blacks and whites should be able to do things together, and with no argument. They should not have to use specific drinking fountains because of the color of their skin. Blacks and whites should have equal rights. Choices don’t depend on race.

Short Version of I Have A Dream Speech

Freedom to Govern

The freedom to govern is the freedom to rule. I chose this because I think that people should rule and not just sophisticated people. The people who want to govern have to be smart and educated. But I think that we should have the freedom to lead. But the freedom to govern should allow people to have a say in the way we are governed.

We are fighting to govern- Malema

Freedom From Slavery

I think this topic was put in the book “Journeys for Freedom” because slavery was a big problem in the 1600s- 1850s this is what shaped America and made our nation the way it is. The Blacks had to fight for their freedom. The blacks were being targeted by the south which had sworn to either kill black soldiers or enslave them. The Americans are African American’s fought together to force the south to give blacks freedom. Slavery had a big impact on America that’s why this freedom was put in the book “Journeys for Freedom”.

The Underground Railroad: A Journey to Freedom

Freedom to Work

The freedom I decided this went under was “freedom to work.” I chose this freedom because in the early 1930’s, everyone lost their jobs. There was no money to farm which meant no food and no more money to buy what was needed to support their families. Bosses of jobs everywhere fired all or most of their workers. This was due to the market crash that took place on October 29th, 1929. The market lost $8 billion and $9 billion in value. Which resulted in 13 million people losing their jobs!

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What Caused the Great Depression? (with Captions)
Taking Care of Farm and Family During the Great Depression
The Great Depression - causes and effects

Freedom From Poverty

Freedom from poverty is when children and family are trying to escape death and try to get food to feed there family and to get jobs to do that exactly.Why I choose freedom from poverty is because it seem interesting and I already had background knowledge. In the world 1% has accumulated more than half of the worlds total money ($96 Trillion). 0.5% of the world doesn't even have enough money to send there children to school. So freedom from poverty should stop now.

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Global Wealth Inequality - What you never knew you never knew