Ender's Game

by: Orson Scott Card. flyer made by: Gabe Duncan

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A young boy at the age of 10, Ender, is sent to be trained at a military space academy. He learned to fight in zero G,and how to use his highly intellectual brain to use obstacles to his advantage.His enemy being the locusts, the giant evolved bugs from space, basically giant bug aliens.

Rising Action

On the space academy, some older kids in his army after they found out they are better than them, went into the bath room during his shower and tried to beat him up, but Ender accidentally killed the leader Bonso. He was then trained by his friend Petra, when he was giving his own army, the dragons. He was then sent to a higher up academy, where he fought as pilots, through command centers on the moon they are based on.


Ender and his friends from the first space academy slowly working and progressing, when he then learns after the final fight that it was not just a simulation, it was reality, Ender has brutally sacrificed thousand just to win the fights, then he found out he destroyed all the locusts, it was so hard on his poor, fragile heart.


Ender runs out with no oxygen onto the desert moon to find a cave he has been seeing in dreams, when he finds the queen locust that was supposedly killed, she was slowly dying so he took her egg to repopulate the entire locust species, that were not that bad to begin with