Watch That Could Beat Apple iWatch

By: Christopher Mims

18-Year-Old's Watch Could Beat Apple's iWatch To Market

Who would rather have a smartphone as a watch instead of just a regular old watch? I would and so would the other people buying this product instead of the new iWatch from apple. This product is called Neptune. Tian is 18 years old and pne of the youngest members of Neptune. He is the one who decided to make this product.

Neptune SmartPhone Watch

About the smartphone .

It is the size of a watch. Even though it is large for a wrist watch. It can connect to blue tooth, WiFi, and a cell phone network. It's going to be 8-10 hours of talk time and 5-6 days on standby." says Tian, The battery life is something that needs to be worked on though. But it is a smartphone watch who wouldn't want one?