Fabulous First Grade in Rm. G3

Weekly News About 1st Grade in Mrs. Takeshita's Class

Happy Face Celebration tomorrow!

The students have earned a celebration for being Kids of Good Character. Tomorrow (Wed. April 6), students may bring in a board game or a deck of cards to play or they may make paper bag puppets.

If your child brings a board game or card game, they need to know HOW to play the game so they can teach the game to others. We will be playing the games between Wednesday Gathering and recess.

Book Exchange?

Before Winter Break, we held a book exchange in our class. Mrs. Dorward was so kind and helped by sending in LOTS of books so EVERYONE could participate. This time around, I am making the book exchange truly optional, but hoping your child will WANT to participate. Just like in December, please have your child look for a book that s/he thinks someone else in our class might like. It doesn't have to be new, but it shouldn't be a baby book, but age/grade appropriate. As a reader, I LOVE it when my friends recommend a book to me. It makes me WANT to read that book. Hopefully, the book exchange gives your child that feeling of "I can't wait to read this book since my friend brought this book in!" This is my intention with the book exchange: how can we foster a love of reading for your child?

Please wrap the book and write "For a Boy" or "For a Girl" or "For Everyone" and bring it by Thursday, April 7.

We will be doing the Book Exchange during our lunchtime (students can go to buy lunch first and then come back to the room). Those kiddos who would like to participate can eat lunch with me in the room and then we will do the book exchange and still have time to play outside for a few minutes. Hopefully, because your child may want to eat lunch in the room, it will encourage them to participate and get a "gently used" book that a classmate loved and wanted a friend to read over Spring Break!

New Passwords?

You may have seen the emails from the District that they are changing student passwords from their 6 digit birthdate to a four digit password. The main reason for the change is that they want to protect students' privacy (especially those in middle and high school). As a parent of a first grade, this may feel especially unnecessary, but I have heard of elementary aged students getting their friends' passwords and logging in as their friends at different websites and buying virtual items with their friends' points. Of course it is ridiculous that someone is trying to log in as your child to do Compass Learning, but the district felt that students needed to have options to keep their passwords more private especially as they get older.

The day that they will be going through this change from the 6 digit passwords to the 4 digit passwords is Wednesday, April 6. Because of this change, I am cancelling Compass Learning for homework for tomorrow since your child will probably have problems logging in. I will have your child's passwords on Thursday and we will test them out in the computer lab.