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What happens when there is a blistering discussion taking place online, with you as the protagonist? Especially when the essence of the debate puts you in a bad light? You place your hands on your head and regret not having had paid attention to the vagaries of the digital world. Because it can be cruelly unforgiving.Blunders of even a slight nature can easily be blown out of proportion. The internet makes it too easy for lies and downright fabrications to go in circulation and trust us, it does in a whirlwind. If this happens, you may need to implement a reputation management campaign to restore sanity.

Your good name is the basis of your career. To discover that your hard-earned reputation is being muddied, scorned, questioned, laughed at and ridiculed, can be a horrifying experience. And remember, you are not going down alone! Your party, your policies, supporters, community and the country itself will take the hit! Not pleasant at all.Awareness is key and there is a serious need to keep a constant vigil. Conduct a Google search and see what people are saying about you. Use Google Alerts to receive notifications whenever you are mentioned in a search query and keep track of what information ranks on the SERPs (search engine results pages). If it is not the most positive stuff, it is important to respond. But do so wisely.Unfortunately, Politicians have been the slowest to pick up on the importance of online reputation. However, recently, with high profile politicians like David Cameron using YouTube to promote himself, it is apparent that the trend is catching up.

For politicians, its normal to fight opposing politicians, journalists and Joe Blogs, so what’s different about the Internet? When someone posts a remark, unless it's slander, then it's there to stay. If you try and fight an argument on a 3rd party website, like a forum or blog, you have no control about the content on it.Although all your instincts say respond, respond, respond, we advise NOT to! Instead, take a completely different approach. Yes, you can still defend yourself and get your point across, but don't do it on a 3rd party site where you are powerless.We can help plan your online reputation and advise on any issues that maybe bothering you and your reputation. Remember, every journalist will just "Google" before they do any hard research, so let’s not leave any loopholes!!!