Anti-War Movement

Vietnam caused it all of this

5 Major Facts about The Anti-War Movement

  1. The anti-war protests begun on college campuses.
  2. The launch of the Tet Offensive begun the most intense period of anti-war movement.
  3. The Pentagon Papers that exposed what the government and military were actually doing in Vietnam made Americans wonder whether or not they should trust the government.
  4. Tensions ran higher than ever, Vietnam triggered mass demonstrations and incidents like at Kent State when National Guard troops shot into a group of protesters killing four students.
  5. The first anti-war protest was when the draft increased it started with 3,000 in February 1965 by October it had 33,000

Why I chose this?

I chose anti-war movement because I was interested in their point-of-view on the war deeper than just saying they were against the war. Because hippies used drugs I was interested about what they thought about our leadership.