steve wazniak

matthew mostad

early life

steve wazniak was born in 1950 in san jose California. He liked to make stuff from scratch. he went to university of Berkeley. and met steve jobs, a reporter who worked for ABC news. he made small inventions out of his garage.

the invention

In 1976, Wozniak developed the computer that eventually made him famous. He alone designed the hardware, circuit board designs, and operating system. On June 29, 1975 Wozniak tested his first working prototype, displaying a few letters and running sample programs. It was the first time in history that a character displayed on a TV screen was generated by a home computer.Jobs had the idea to sell the apple I as a fully assembled printed circuit board . Wozniak, at first skeptical, was later convinced by Jobs that even if they were not successful they could at least say to their grandkids they had had their own company. Together they sold some of their possessions.
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Steve Wozniak is still alive and is lives in los gatos, california. He has recently applied for Australian citizenship, and has stated that he would like to live in Melbourne Australia in the future.Wozniak was married to candice clark from June 1981 to 1987. They have three children together, the youngest being born after their divorce was finalized

without him

with out steve wazniak the apple company would not have so much money. the apple computer may not have been made yet. He put this world in a new era when he made the first apple computer.