PALCS' Tech Support Webpage

Did You Know...?

For Students...

Our IT Department maintains a Tech Support Webpage for students and parents that is a comprehensive one-stop shop. You can find it in our PALCSchool tabs, under Resources:

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From this page, students and parents are able to view the Main Tech Support Web Page, which includes updates and important information. For example, on January 29, information related to resolution of the Minecraft issue on student computers was posted here. On January 27, information about Google Earth being available on Windows computers was posted here.

For Faculty and Staff...

Our IT Department maintains a separate page for faculty and staff, The Technology Resource Center. This is posted on the PALCS Portal under Info & Forms>>>IT.
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From this page, faculty and staff can find information on IT Notices to staff, network info, information on all of our systems (Moodle, Novell, GoogleApps), hardware, and software.

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