Technology is the Future

Read about how robots are changing our lives

Some "White-Collar" jobs that robots are taking to make our lives less stressful


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This might not be all that great though, a researcher from MIT asked if we have "a good handle on this" and "Will pushing labor into machines open a new bright future for humanity, or a new variation on the Terminator Series: Rule of the Robot Overlords."

This idea isn't all perfect though...

Robots are:

- Costly


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Not all robots are as cute and innocent looking as Wall-E, infact, they can just be claws arms or even just wheels.

Why we have robots

I guess we have robots to help us. There isn' a robot out there that wasn't made to give us pleasure, whether it is a car or a remote control car or a car maker, robots help us. This may be one of the reasons why people believe we should have more robots.

Speaking of amusment...

There is a robot run hotel in japan called the Hen-na where you can get a room for as little as 75$ but that doesn't include the plane tickets ;)
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A Tour of the World's First Robot-Staffed Hotel