The Experience🌇


I was at my house on a weekend sitting on the back porch on a beautiful sunny day with my mom, as well as, my sister. I was absolutely stunned to find out that I, Jacqueline Richards, could go to The 1975 concert! My mom told me, " Jacqueline you can go ahead and order your tickets." I was completely astonished as I jumped and shouted in joy.


The week before my concert "sloowwly" dragged on as my heart was pounding faster and faster by every ticking second. Finally, March 7, 2016 came, so I woke up to started getting ready for one of the best days of my life. I had never been so excited to go to "The City." We drove to Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion where their concert would be held. My mom decided we should stop at T.G.I. fridays and get us a bite to eat. As we walked in someone escorted us to a booth, the waiter introduced himself as Forest. Since our waiter was very cute, I was glad my mom had chose this restaurant.


The time had finally began as we approached the gates of the pavilion. As we went in, we got in line to wait for an hour to get t-shirts. I didn't mind really, since my awesome shirt made up for the time we spent standing. At last, we made it to our seats while I stood for the most amazing band to come out. Matty's voice rang through my ears as the crowd began to shout and cheer. They had started off with one of my favorite songs Love Me. The whole concert my sister and I were on our feet, screaming, singing, videoing, and taking pictures of the most delicate memories. This article doesn't show 1% of how much fun I had. I will cherish the time I had of one of the most memorable nights. I will be later going again in the fall which will be certainly another night to remember.

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