The Vole

Found in the Hoosier State


The vole is a plump rodent that has short, brown fur and a hairy tail. People commonly mistake voles for mice and moles. A vole can grow to be 5-7 inches long and weighs 1-2 ounces. Voles are most active at night, which makes them nocturnal. Even though they live in big groups, voles can be quite aggressive towards one another.


Voles eat many different foods to survive. Some of the foods they eat are grass, roots, fungi, snails, and insects. Voles will even eat dead animals and other voles if they have to!


Voles live in grassy meadows, typically those with a lot of plants. They prefer to live in moist areas, possibly near a water source such as a lake or river. They also dig burrows underground. Voles find grass and weeds to build their nests.


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