Northridge Jaguars

Excellence is our mission!

Excellence in Academics

11% of our 2016 Seniors scored 30 or higher on the ACT.
NHS students average 10 million dollars in college scholarships.
100% pass rate on UA Early College Courses.
92% pass rate on Shelton State Dual Enrollment Courses.
290 course offerings
12 AP Courses
UA Early College

Shelton State Dual Enrollment including 3 on campus
Online Access Courses
20 Honor Societies and Clubs including an award winning Scholar Bowl Team

Honor winning programs: Yearbook, Newspaper, Theater, Choir, Band including
a guest appearance at the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

Excellence in Athletics

34 Sports Programs offered which include 9th, JV, & Varsity programs
2014, 2015 & 2016 All sports programs made post season playoffs
State Championships including individual honors in Track, Golf, Swimming and Tennis
Soccer Final Four
On average we sign 8-15 athletes to College programs

Excellence in Fine Arts

All State Choir & Band

Thespian and Trumbauer Honors
Solo and Ensemble Honors
State and National Art Honors