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September 29, 2017

CN Homecoming 2017

From the Community Bonfire Kick-Off to the Homecoming Dance, CN Hoco 17 was filled with good character, great school spirit, and a wonderful sense of community! No matter the event, we came together as one, and made a positive impact on our school and our community!

Great job CN! WE ARE ONE!!!

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Sr High School DOC

Mr. Phillips – Our CU helped out at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary by clearing a brush pile and cleaning all of the pathways between the different parts of the park. The students had a lot of fun and helped the community at the same time. Every year my Cougar U is excited to go and this year was just as awesome as the last two.

Mr. Rexroad’s and Mr. Gillespie’s CUs assisted Mr. McCray in cleaning and rearranging the weight room. They also reorganized the athletic storage to fit three wrestling mats and still be able to access volleyball equipment and scorer’s table.

Mrs. Phillips - We had the best Day of Caring duty because we got to see many of the groups off-campus. First, we went to the cemetery where Mr. Truex and his group were resetting headstones. Then we went to Black Pine and were lucky enough to see the big cats and bears out while Mr. Phillips's group was raking and sweeping the paths. Next we went to Wolf Lake Elementary to see Mr. Gaff, Mr. Foster and Mr. Morgan working on building a Gaga Ball Pit while Mrs. Strombeck's group was taking a break on the teeter-totters! Also, we arrived at Stone's Trace just as Mrs. Arnold's group was finishing helping out with painting. How appropriate it is that this month's character pillar is Citizenship because we certainly witnessed that today among all our students and staff.

Mrs. Strombeck- Our group traveled to Wolf Lake Elementary today and helped with several projects. We began our day moving broken desks out of storage to be transported to the scrap yard. After that task we journeyed outside and helped construct a Gaga pit on the playground. We were able to take a break and play with the first grade students who enjoyed being pushed on swings, being spun around on the merry-go-round and being played with on the basketball court. We ended our day hauling more trash out to the burn pit and then kicked back with a pizza party in the classroom!

Mrs. Podgorski - Just a quick note to let you know how hard my CU group, Mr Leffer's group and Ari Helgesen, Alan Golden, Ethan Mitchell, Cole Anderson, Gabriel Shultis and Jared Kitt worked at mulching the play ground at Albion Elementary. They did everything I asked them to do, they worked the whole time without complaining and even spent some time playing with the Albion Elementary students when they came out for recess. I was soooo proud of them and the little kids just loved spending time with the older kids!!!!! Way to go Mulching Crew!!!

The 6-8 graders celebrated CN's 5th annual Day of Caring by reaching out to some of our local resources.

The 6th graders have been going to Chain O Lakes every May for over 20 years. This year they headed out on the trails to help keep the state park clean.

The 7th graders took a longer trip to Pokagon State park to clean the trails there as well. In December the 7th graders will return to Pokagon for winter survival training and team building, and tobogganing for the second year in a row.

CN's 8th graders headed to Moose Lake Craft Village to help prepare for fall activities at the village. There was a perfect balance of work and play.

The young cougars lucked out with a cool beautiful fall day to work out doors and felt the satisfaction of doing something helpful for our communities.

6th Grade DOC - Chain O Lakes State Park

7th Grade DOC - Pokagon State Park

8th Grade DOC - Moose Lake