eMindSet LevelUp© Course

The best way to access a new way to learn English!

Join our LevelUp© courses if you are interested in "building" and not merely "reproducing" your new language.

Our main goal here at eMindSet is to help learners of all ages to develop their second language up to the level of the mother language, building the process together, giving each other the opportunity to adjust our tools to their best convenience.

Set schedules on your own convenience

Our team is ready for adjusting to your schedule and timezone...yes, worldwide.

eMindSet LevelUp© courses are the door for a whole new way of understanding "education" regarding languages.

Knowledge is not transmitted but built in collaboration!

LevelUp© courses allow you to overcome all cognitions related to learning a new language as an "academical" task.

Instead, based on #Neurosciences' last advances, with collaboration from #CommunicationSkillStudies and Evolutionary Psychology field researches, we have this course designed as an experiential tool for a natural and intuitive #LanguageDevelopment.

It has been strategically designed for a 5-sessions-pack, that will set the frame and scaffolding for all of eMindSetWorkshops©

We are eMindSet

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For further information, contact Prof. Christer Edman or Veronica Rebora.