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Lakeview Family Newsletter - October 4

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No School on Friday, October 9

Hybrid Learning starts October 12

The community health numbers in Wisconsin as a state give us reason to think hard about our choices right now. But the data in South Milwaukee and Milwaukee county continues to tell us that our move to the Hybrid Learning format starting on October 12 is the right move. Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions. This is a unique year and "flexibility" is a virtue. Here is helpful information - please read carefully:

Why hybrid? Because by the time some of our students return on October 12, it will have been 213 days without being in a school building. The chance to have even half of our students back at a time adheres to our data recommendations, mitigates risk, and demonstrates our commitment as a district to getting closer to "normal" teaching and learning once again.

You received an email on Thursday that tells if your child is "Group A" (Monday/Tuesday), or "Group B" (Wednesday/Thursday). There are a limited number of students that are in a 4-day cohort and some that have elected for the SM Virtual Academy. If you are in Group A, your student's first day of in-school learning is Monday, October 12. If your child is in Group B, your child as asynchronous learning on the 12th and 13th and will come to school for the first time on Wednesday, October 14. See the picture below for a visual explanation.

4K - Our 4K enrollment at Lakeview right now is low enough that all 4K students can come four days/week according to the 4K calendar. AM 4K is from 8:30-11:00 and PM 4K is from Noon-2:30. If you are in the AM 4K section and require wrap care provided by the SM Recreation Department, see this link.

• If you need before/after school care provided by the SM Recreation Department (formerly provided by the YMCA), click this link to register. You cannot register on short notice - do this now if you need it!

• The SM Virtual Academy deadline has passed. Emails were sent multiple times and the deadline was September 21. We cannot change student cohorts (groups A and B) either.

Updated on 10/5 - How long will the Hybrid format last? - On September 21, the email from the district said, "We will continue to monitor the burden and positivity rates for South Milwaukee and Milwaukee County. On October 26 we will announce the next learning model for South Milwaukee. At that time, if possible, we will transition to fully in-person for the elementary level as of November 2 and for the middle school and high school as of November 9."

Hybrid week

What is an "Asynchronous Day"?

Our students are learning five days/week. On days when students are not at Lakeview, they will still have learning to do, but it will be more independent than it is now. Asynchronous days (literally meaning "not in sync" like when your clocks are out of sync) are days when students will have assignments from teachers on SeeSaw or Google Classroom, they will have their Specials (either art, music, PE, or library) at a set time with their class, they will complete science lessons, and there may be other people meeting with students. All of this information will be published on the classroom teacher's daily agenda or landing page ahead of time.

It is important to remember that while your child does need to complete this work, it will not be as much as on a "normal" school day. Depending on the grade level, it may only be 1-3 hours of schoolwork total.

How do we count attendance on these days? By your student's work completion. Your child may complete the work according to the family schedule, but it needs to be completed or else the day will count as an official "absence" in our school records.

Teacher Changes at Lakeview

Many of our families were notified of teacher changes starting on October 12. This is part of the flexibility we are all needing to embrace in these unique times. In order to build a staff for the SM Virtual Academy, we needed 7 teachers across the district to move into virtual teaching roles. Where do those teachers come from? In most cases, they come from places where we can collapse three classes of a grade level into two, or in some cases two classes into one. At Lakeview, here are the changes taking effect on October 12. All impacted families were notified last week. This will leave us with two classes of each grade level at Lakeview.

Ms. DeBruin - will be teaching a 5K virtual classroom

Ms. Zoellner - moving from 1st grade to take Mrs. DeBruin's 5K class

Ms. Swick - will be teaching a 1st grade virtual classroom

Ms. Benn - will be the Instructional Coach for all of Lakeview

Mr. Tinsen - moving from 3rd grade to take Ms. Benn's 2nd grade class

If we need to move back to virtual learning in the future, we will not change teachers. Students will remain with the teacher they have as of October 12.

Where can I find more information?

Everything that our district is publishing right now, including every email from our superintendent Dr. Weiss, is available on our district website on the Fall 2020 Plans tab. As a principal, even I find the need to return to this spot on our website often. As the parent of three children, I know there is a lot to keep track of, especially if you have students at multiple schools. Past Lakeview newsletters are always available on the Lakeview website.

This is also the same webpage where you will find the district's data dashboards, including community health data and COVID-19 Absence data.

Chromebooks & School Supplies

When students begin returning to Lakeview next week, we need students to bring:

• All of the supplies we sent home in August and September, including classroom books and math worksheets

• The normal school supplies that were on the list for this year. Students will not share supplies at school, so everyone needs his/her own.

Fully charged Chromebooks. The Chromebook will go back and forth to school each time students attend in-person. We have new cases for our younger students. Please talk about care for devices. If you wish to purchase insurance, it is available for $25/year in your IC Parent Portal. For safety reasons, we will not provide students with a loaner Chromebook if they forget a device at home or if it is not charged. Also, the backlog on broken devices is quite long so please teach your child how to take care of the Chromebook on the way to and from school.

• If you have any school library books still at home, return them next week.

Chromebook Care

Fall Conferences

As mentioned in our last family newsletter, Fall conferences are not happening this week. They will be in November on a date yet to be determined. Of course, our teachers are always happy to talk with you about your student(s). No need to wait for a specific date on the calendar to talk about the thing that matters most to all of us: the success of your child.

Visitor Policy

No visitors will be allowed into the school past the front lobby.

Birthday Treats

As you might imagine, birthday treats will not be passed out this year. Do not send any food items at all. Here's a great idea instead: Purchase a book for the classroom or a board game for indoor recess. Those are things the entire class can enjoy over and over!

Meal Distribution

Did you know that all children can get free meals (breakfast & lunch) at Lakeview right now? Please click here for information. Meal service is on Monday and Wednesday from 11:00-12:30.

Community Notices

South Milwaukee Market Family Fall Fest is this Thursday, October 8. See this flyer for more information. There are many activities for kids from 3-7 p.m. on Thursday night.

The Children's Room at the SM Public Library is now open and all collections are available. The play area, study rooms, and meeting rooms remain closed.