Descriptive Writing Project

By: Morgyn

Cody Simpson At The Western Fair!

As the light from the sky darkens and your anticipation builds you can see the glow of the rides lights behind you. The local band finishes their last set and you wait. You pick up the scent of fair foods, grease and mixed perfumes from being clumped with the other girls at the front of the stage. The stage lights lower and the cell phone cameras go up and you know the show is about to start. His band starts playing and the girls start chanting his name. then there he is playing his guitar with his eyes closed. The aussie musician himself. He is right in front of you. Cody Simpson. You begin to scream with all the other girls and then he starts singing. His beautiful voice fills the stage and you start to feel tears stream down your face and leave you with a salty taste on the sides of your lips. You sing along to every word as if he could hear you. you turn around and stare at the huge crowd of all the other girls doing the exact same thing as you. You're filled with happiness and joy and its not hard for anyone to notice. You watch as he dances, sings and plays his guitar and you feel like you're on top of the world because of how close you are to him. He admires the huge group of fans that came just to see him. The crowd is hype jumping up and down watching him perform his heart out just to make a good memory for his fans. Beautiful guitar solos, amazing jam sessions and appreciation speeches. You heard it all. he danced as if he was a noodle. And when the slow songs came the phone flashlights and hearts made out of the fans hands went up. Best Night Ever.

Demi Lovato Concert (poem for two voices)

(1) waiting in lines

(2) to get in the arena

(both) lovatics

(1) screaming

(2) girls

(1) huge crowd

(2) singers dancers

(1) Christina Perri

(2) Demi Lovato

(1) video cameras

(2) flashing lights


Sadness is a deep dark blue

It tastes like salty tears

Smells like year old mold

And It reminds me of death

sounds like hours of pouring rain

Sadness makes me feel like crying


Loneliness is a light gray

It sounds like silence in a empty room

It smells like an oven with burning food on the inside

It tastes like flat pepsi

Loneliness looks like a person sitting in the corner with their head in there hands.
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