Chapman Staff Update

October 6, 2019

Week 6:

I hope you all were able to enjoy the beautiful weekend. We have a busy week ahead of us so I hope we are all refreshed and ready to go! Fall is definitely here!

SIS Training for 2nd and 3rd is this Tuesday! Below is the schedule for teachers and subs. I know we have some tweaking to do but the 2nd and 3rd schedule is all set!

MTSS Meetings: After some discussion we are going to attempt to do these in two day instead of one to be able to review grade and class data (looking for overall trends) but also identifying individual students that are struggling. It is important that you are prepared for these meetings with class data (entered into illuminate) and if there is a student you are concerned about please have the student strengths, challenges and current data. You will also want to note the specific strategies you have already used in the classroom.

Here is the tentative schedule depending on our substitute situation:


5th Grade: 9-10:30

2nd Grade: 10:30-12:00

3rd Grade: 1:00-2:30


Kindergarten: 9-10:30

1st Grade: 12:15-1:45

4th Grade: 1:45-3:15

PBIS Clubs:

Thanks everyone! I am excited about this addition to our PBIS Program! Our first club day looks like it may be November 1st (half day after Halloween???). Please make sure you confirm the club you are interested in doing and the materials needed. We need to get an order completed this week.

We reviewed your feedback from the PBIS survey at our last meeting. We will be tweaking some things and rolling it out at the next staff meeting.

Morning Assistance: Please Actively Supervise once students enter the building at 8:25 AM

5th Grade Literacy Footprints PD: October 9th 12:30-3:30

Spirit Week: Since Carlson Homecoming week is the same week as half days and conferences, we are going to have our spirit week the week after. Here are the days:

Monday 10/21: Orange Out Day

Tuesday 10/22: Hawaiian Day

Wednesday 10/23: PJ Day

Thursday 10/24: Mis-Matched Day

Friday 10/25: Chapman Spirit Day


Indoor Recess: EEEEK! I don't want bad weather but we need to be prepared for it. Please make sure that you review indoor recess expectations AND have appropriate activities your class can participate in posted on the inside of your door. Remember you may not always have the same lunch monitor for indoor recess so we need the information in one spot. There may be times we can use the gymnasium but we will need to work our some procedures for that before we are able to do it.

ASSESSMENT RESULTS: Results from all of our assessments should be recorded in Illuminate in a timely fashion after the assessment. We will use Illuminate to house all of our assessment data so we can access and compare it easily.

E-BLAST and NEWSLETTER: Please Help! Please sign up for a month/week that you want to share what your class or grade have been learning. These E-blast items must be program/curriculum related and pictures should be included. This is your time to showcase your students to the community! The same idea applies to the newsletter. You are always welcome to send me items for the parent newsletters but I have created a schedule for everyone. Families love to see what their children are doing at school and love pictures. This way I will always have a grade level or activity to showcase in the building every week. Here is the link to the schedule:

Please do not hesitate to ask question if you have them.


Big picture

This Week's Schedule

Monday 10/7:

Watchdogs Donut with Dads- 7:30 AM

8:50 Goal Meeting HB

9:30 REED

11:00 REED

4 PM Literacy Night Planning Meeting

Tuesday 10/8:

SIS Training at the BOE (2nd-AM;3rd-PM)

Leslie out in the AM- Acting Admin- Spurr

Molly here with Leslie in the PM

Make up STEM:

Delucia- 12:45-1:45

Vercellion- 1:45-2:45

4:00- Staff Workout in the gym

Wednesday 10/9:

9 AM Coffee with the Principal

10 AM Fire Prevention Assembly (in the gym)

12:30 - Footprints Training (5th grade and Fogler)

4PM Staff Meeting (Tier 1 Med Training)

Thursday 10/10:

Kindergarten Field Trip

9:20 IEP

9:00-10:30 5th Grade MTSS

10:30-12:00 2nd Grade MTSS

1:00-2:30 3rd Grade MTSS

4:00 District School Improvement

4:00 Mentor Meeting

4:00 Workout

7:00 Board Meeting

Friday 10/11:

9-10:30 Kindergarten MTSS

11:15 Re Eval

12:15-1:45 1st Grade MTSS

1:45-3:15 4th Grade MTSS

2:30 PW Pre Meeting

5:30 Halloween Fun Night

Staff Meeting Dates

Due to some changes in my personal schedule, besides our first staff meeting, we will run all staff meetings on Wednesdays at 4-5 PM. Please see below for exact dates. Please honor this time and arrange appointments and other after school activities around these dates. If there are any conflicts please see me well in advance.

10/9- Tier 1 Medical Training















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