November 20, 2015

Dates to Remember

Nov. 23-27- Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 1- Spring Creek Fundraiser
Dec. 2- 2nd Grade Field Trip to Perot Museum

Dec. 9 - Progress Reports

Dec. 11- Puzzles Due for 2nd Grade Puzzle Exchange

Dec. 12- Breakfast with Santa

Dec. 15- Lunch with the Principal, Spelling Bee Pre-Test

Dec. 17 - Holiday Class Parties

Dec. 18 - Early Dismissal 11:45, 2nd Grade Puzzle Exchange in Classroom

Dec. 20- Jan. 4- Winter Break

Classroom Updates- Be sure to read so you can ask your child about this!

We have had quite the busy past couple of weeks in our classroom!

Today, we had a wonderful celebration of the different cultures and countries represented in each child's heritage.

This week we determined the philosophies and "mottos" of different characters including Eggbert, Elmer, Curious George, The Gingerbread Man and The Little Red Hen, and then divided into teams to hold a discussion about Horton Hears a Who from these different characters' perspectives. Be sure to ask your child about the "character team" he/she was on and what this character thought about the story.

We have also begun our country project. After studying landforms, natural resources and bodies of water, students were divided into groups to work to design a country in our make-believe continent of "Pattonica." Students are deciding which natural resources, bodies of water and landforms to have in their countries based upon the benefits and problems associated with them. At the end of the project students will vote on which country they would most like to visit and which they would most like to live in. Be sure to ask your child about the names of places in their country and why they have chosen specific landforms, natural resources or bodies of water!

I have MANY pictures to add to Shutterfly and posts to add to our classroom blog. I'm planning to work on this over the break, so be sure to check after Thanksgiving!

Class Objectives for Next Week

Math- Solving Multi-Step Word Problems, 3-4 Digit Place Value

Writing- Focusing On One Idea in Writing and How to Best Be Descriptive

Reading- Character Traits, Tracking Character Changes Through a Story

Science- Light and Sound

Social Studies- Geography, "Perfect Country" Project (be sure to read the section above for the details)

Spelling Bee Pre-Test

The pre-test for our school Spelling Bee will be held on December 15. Any child who receives a qualifying score may participate in the Glenhope Spelling Bee. This will be held on January 22. Please talk with you child to encourage them to participate if you'd like them to.

Holiday Party

The 2nd Grade classroom holiday parties will be Thursday, December 17. While you are out shopping during Thanksgiving break, you might want to start looking for a 100 piece puzzle for our holiday gift exchange. The exchange will be on Friday, Dec. 18.

Glenhope Giving Tree

Glenhope’s Giving Tree for GRACE will be set up in the main hallway beginning Friday, November 20th! If you would like to help a family in need, please choose an ornament from the tree, and return the unwrapped item by Wednesday, December 16th.

Classroom Wishlist

If you'd like to purchase items for our classroom, you can check out our Amazon Wishlist. After talking with students, I've added books they'd like to see in our classroom library as well as other items I know we will need throughout the year.

Class Blog and Shutterfly Page

If you haven't already, be sure you bookmark our class blog and join our class Shutterfly page. These are two great ways to see what we are doing in our classroom.

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