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March 9, 2015

Above The Line

This brief post brings to our attention that how we use a tool is more important than the actual tool that we use. It provides some guidelines on the different processes that we should give our students access to and how those opportunities will move our teaching above the line.

Let's Google

This week's cheat sheet is all about Google Chrome. If you haven't submitted a "Help Ticket'
through the district yet to have this great browser installed on the computers in your classroom yet I would recommend you do so. Chrome seems to work better in the computer labs and is usually more compatible with the websites that we use with our students. The cheat sheet will help you to navigate this powerful browser.
Google Chrome Cheat Sheet

A brief guide to Google Chrome.

Today's Special Appetizer

This week we will be focusing on Toontastic. This app can be found in the creation folder and is a great storytelling app. The Toontastic button will take you to a post with resources and ideas for using Toontastic in the classroom.
Toontastic Resources

Ideas and resources for Toontastic can be found here.

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