MMS Weekly Update

June 14, 2015 - Final one of this school year!!

Last Week of School

Thank you for being flexible this final week of school! Both awards ceremonies went very well, and I believe parents truly appreciated the variety of recognitions we had for our students. Leadership team gave some great feedback for considerations for next year. Thank you, also, for a special End of Year Staff Luncheon. Our PTSO rocks, and please be sure to thank them if you see them around this summer! Thank you, also, for completing the end of year checklists.

Summer Work at MMS

Please remember that our custodial team will be working very hard during the summer to prepare MMS for you and students in August. Please check your email throughout the summer so you can see when the halls are ok for you to come to your classroom and arrange and organize and prepare, if you so choose. We do recommend you consider doing this some as those beginning of school workdays are slammed with deployment, meetings, and open house preparations. But, again, check for communication from Mr. Jones on this as at times some areas of the school are inaccessible over the summer.

Summer School and Jump Start Programs

Both of these programs will be occurring on campus at MMS. Summer School (for both MMS and MHS) will be on campus the next two weeks. Jump Start will occur the week before teacher workdays. Thank you to the teachers who volunteered to help with these extended learning opportunities!

MGSD Summer Institute!!

July 27, 28, and 29! This will be a great time to start learning about our new Learning Management System and the first ever MGSD Ed Camp!!!! Lots of exciting changes!

Save the date and make family arrangements!

MMS Open House will be on Thursday, August 20th from 5-7pm. All staff should be in attendance for their grade level, while elective should be present for the entire evening. 5pm-6pm is 7th graed and 6pm-7pm is 8th grade.

Other Important Date Reminders for August

MGSD New Employee Workdays: August 11-13

MGSD Opening Teacher Workdays: August 17-21

MGSD Convocation: Not sure yet, but assuming it's the final Friday workday

Staff pictures: Friday, August 21st at 8am in the gym

Laptop Deployment: August 17-19, Saturday August 22 (Shiftboard Signups)

Welcome to Dr. Jason Gardner!

Jason is originally from West Virginia. He received his undergraduate from Concord University in WV, and his graduate degree from Appalachian State University. He's a HUGE WVU fan and loves the Chicago Cubs! He worked in Iredell-Statesville Schools for 10 years, specifically teaching at Celeste Henkel and AP at Brawley, before he came to be AP at EMIS in MGSD. He was an AP very briefly, then interim principal, then principal. He just finished his 3rd year at EMIS. In his spare time, he is thankful to not be writing anymore as he just finished his dissertation with Wingate University. He also loves running and playing just about any sport. He has three beautiful children: Abigail, Jaxson, and Taveon.
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Thank you for your special book of messages. I can't read it yet as I'm not emotionally ready. I'm trying to stay task driven to this next stage right now. Packed up and moved out as of today! Dr. Gardner even received his first MMS shirt as we met to "pass the keys." I cannot tell you how much of an honor it has been to work with all of you. I wish I could be more articulate in sharing that with you... but I do hope you know it's the relationships with each of you, and our roller coaster at times of good and bad and hard that we have had together. As I mentioned on Thursday, I look at your faces and I see so many things. I see you saying good bye to parents at funerals, I see you sharing ultrasound pictures, I see you sharing that you got engaged, I see you at weddings, I see you teaching children, I see you worrying about a child going home, I see you talking with me about your broken marriage, I see you sharing your fear at a health issue that has come up, I see all of you coming together to help a staff member that needs support during chemo, I see you at baby showers, I see you coming to me excited about a student success, I see you in your first interview at MMS, I see you setting up your classrooms, I see you as a student teacher, I see you in PLCs collaborating and frustrated at the same time, I see you on football fields and basketball courts, I see you at semi-formal enjoying the kids, I see you honoring our retired family members, I see you in our first CKH training sharing your special "objects," I see you asking to go to your kids' awards ceremonies with such pride, I see you at athletic events, I see you high fiving kids in the hallway, I see your dedication to MMS. These pieces are what I will take with me. Thank you for sharing your lives with me. Please stay in contact!