Tragic Hero

Wanted for:

- one of the conspirators who assassinated Julius Caesar

Archetype - Tragic Hero

A Roman politician who loved Caesar but loves Rome more.

Brutus was titled as "Tragic Hero" because he admires Caesar, yet kills him because he would rather save Rome than his friend; he feared that he will become a dictator and will destroy the life of Rome. He believes that killing Caesar was the best for Rome. Brutus begin to realizes his wrongdoings. However, due to idealistic rather than efficient management of the situation, an empire is finally set up in Rome.


- Brutus was one of the conspirators who assassinated Caesar.

- Brutus is in fact a dear friend of Caesar's but kills his beloved friend not for who he is, but what he could become as a King.

- He doesn't want to swear an oath because he feels that what they are doing is right and it is not necessary.

- Brutus defeats Octavius' forces in the first battle at Philippi.

- He wants Antony to kill him in the justice of Caesar after his defeat in the second battle in Philippi.,

Pugio - Roman dagger

It was the Pugio that Brutus and the conspirators held in their hands when they committed one of the most infamous assassinations of all time: the killing of Julius Caesar. Caesar was assassinated for a reason; the conspirators had grown jealous of his popularity except Brutus and they were afraid he would be elected king by the people, they saw a chance for a pre-emptive strike to save Rome from a dictator. "We must kill Caesar for the sake of Rome."

Gladius - Sword

Brutus use sword for war against Antony and Octavius as well as his suicide. Brutus has watched his fellow soldiers be captured or die. Lucilius tries to give Brutus the opportunity to flee by claiming to be Brutus, but Antony recognizes him. He realizes he was defeated in the second battle in Philippi. He pleads with some of the men to help him end his life and was able to convince Strato to hold the sword so that he can run into it. Brutus dies believing that he did the right thing for Rome. "Let bring justice to Caesar."