Week 3- Labor Union Project

American History II- Ms. Andreoli

What did we learn this week?

This week consisted of a large group project. The students learned about various labor union tactics that both business owners and workers used. Students were placed into groups and had to create a 5-7 minute "news report" of three different tactics they were assigned. I was both proud and impressed at how dedicated and involved the students were.
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Due this week:

Labor Unions Group Project

Assigned for next week:

Western U.S. Map quiz (1st)

U.S. Map Quiz (3rd & 4th)


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Student of the Week- Lilah Price

Liliah is a junior who has a flair for the dramatic. Her favorite class is theater, and she loves to act, record original songs, and just generally be artsy! Lilah also loves to box.

Favorite class: Theater

Likes social studies because: she enjoys learning about the stories of people from the past

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