Vietnam War

Logan Beddes 4th Period

Terms I Know

Cold War: A war that took place in the 1950's to the 1970's.

Containment: Isolating a problem before getting rid of it.

Domino Theory: If one country falls, more will follow.

Draft: Forcing able-bodied men into joining the army.

Ho Chi Minh: Communist leader, prime minister, and president.

Terms I Don't Know

Adding Context to the Vietnamese War

  • 1945- The Japanese declare French rule
  • 1947- The Truman Doctrine was issued in the US
  • 1948- The Cold War opened with the Berlin Airlift ordered by President Truman
  • 1950- The Cold War begins with an attack on South Korea from North Korea
  • 1954- Geneva Accords are released. Everyone agrees to the terms, but US and South Korea didn't sign them.
  • 1960- NLF is officially formed in South Vietnam
  • 1962- Cuban Missile Crisis
  • 1966- General Westmoreland commands over 1 million troops in Vietnam, including 385,300. U.S. servicemen. Over 5,000 U.S. troops are killed in this year, and 30,000 wounded.
  • 1968- From January 30 to February 24 the NLF launches the TET Offensive; simultaneous attacks on all U.S. military bases and 110 cities and towns in South Vietnam. The siege of Khe Sanh begins.
  • 1968- Martin Luther King is assassinated, and riots break out in virtually every major American city. There are 125 riots or disturbances in 29 states, and Army Reserve units and the National Guard are called out to restore order.
  • 1969- Ho Chi Minh dies
  • 1971- The New York Times begins publishing The Pentagon Papers, a top secret Pentagon history of the Vietnam War dating back to 1945, that reveals numerous lies and deceptions told to the American public.
  • 1972- To force the North Vietnamese to accept Thieu’s changes Nixon initiates the infamous “Christmas bombing” of Hanoi and Haiphong, during which many U.S. B-52s are shot down.
  • 1973- The Paris Peace Accord is signed
  • 1973- In a secret letter to North Vietnam’s foreign minister, Pham Van Dong, Nixon pledges over $4 billion in reconstruction aid to North Vietnam- a promise that is never fulfilled.

Tonkin Gulf Resolution

President Johnson sent a group of US planes against North Vietnamese and asked Congress to support his decision. It became the legal bases for the presidents' military policies in Vietnam. The resolution was repealed in 1971.

Veterans in Vietnam

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