A Boy At War

By: Harry Mazer

Anston Eckert

Historical References

This book has the historical reference of Pear Harbor and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Another is World War 2. Lastly there is the speach that president Hoover spoke after the attack.


There is only 1 main character and his name is Adam. He is a teenage boy who is really athletic and has lots of smarts of war. His dad is in the war so thats why. He is also really eager to drive. His qualities are that he is nice and adventerous


My opinion of this book is that it is good. Also it has alot of action and history in it. I would recomend this book to adventure lovers and people who like history. This is a good book because it is a decent sized book, because it has action, and because it is really cool.


The setting is Hawaii And at Pearl Harbor. It is in 1940.

Problem and solution

The problem is that Adam lost his dad and he cant find friends. He solved the first problem by getting a telegram saying his dad died. He solved the second one by meating davi and hanging out with him at his house.

Quotable quotes

1. " Today is a day that will live in infamy."

2. " It's a jap!"

3. " Hey haole."