Curriculum Connections

October 23 - News from Ms. Welch, CST

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 31 - Book Character Dress Up Day

Nov. 1 - CORE Team

Nov. 2 - Heather at CST Meeting

Nov. 2 - PAWS PD Tips for a Smooth Workshop with Heather Alterman @2:45

Nov. 3 - Pops, Pizza & Hoops 6:00-8:00

Nov. 9 - A Taste of New Prospect

Nov. 10 - Kendra Scott PTA Spirit Night (adults only) 6-8

Nov. 13 - PAWS PD Mini EdCamp @2:45 Design Lab

Nov. 14 - School Play Auditions (3rd-5th grade)

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TKES Focus - Academically Challenging Environment

Using Guided Questions to Probe Student Understanding in Math


1. List standard(s) for the lesson/unit.

2. For each standard, think of questions you might ask that would uncover student understanding. Think of expected answers and how you would further question.

3. Use a Critical Thinking Wheel to help you formulate higher level questions.

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Lucy Units and Clear Stickies - GAME Changer!

How do you plan for and make each session yours? Do you write in or highlight your book (that's ok)? I just found an option that I think is a game changer to help organize Lucy lessons (really any lesson). CLEAR STICKY NOTES! View the clip below to see how this teacher uses clear stickies and clear pockets to organize her Lucy lessons. There is also a link below from to purchase these if you wish! OMG!
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Science and Social Studies

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Technology Tip: Apple Clips

Clips is an FREE iOS app (rated 4+) designed for making and sharing short-form videos with with text, effects, graphics, and more. You add content by recording it on the spot or grab a video clip or photo from your library. Live Titles let you easily create animated captions just by talking as you record using Siri speech to text conversion. You can choose from a variety of styles, all perfectly sequenced to the sound of your voice. This is a super fun and easy way to make videos! Look at my silly examples below!
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A video made with pictures and video, added music and cover slide

Video with a word and comic book filter

Another video with a filter