News From the Nest

September 28 - October 2, 2015


Students did a great job this week thinking deeper about their reading. We will continue to interact with text next week during our DEB time as we begin reading non-fiction articles. Students will be asking questions, making connections, and looking for details as we determine the main idea of various passages.

Reading fluency will continue as well next week. Students will bring home their passage to read aloud to an adult at least three times, then they will answer the questions on the back. This frequent rereading of text is an excellent way to increase speed and accuracy as they read.

We are almost half way through the first quarter and we already have two students that have reached their AR goal! Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes every night to help them build stamina and increase comprehension. The simple reading log they have been completing is a great way to get them into the routine of recording what they have read. Any discussion you can have with them regarding the books they are reading will be very worthwhile. Next year they will be asked to write a short summary each evening of what they have read.

Next week we will continue to make connections during our independent reading, as well as during our guided reading groups. We will also have some opportunities to practice sharing our thoughts and ideas in a group setting.

Word Study

We will be continuing with our Words Their Way spelling program. This is a new program for me, so the routines may change along the way. Last week students sorted the words both independently and with partners. They also tested each other on the spelling of the words with an activity called "Blind Sort". Next week I plan on giving each student two copies of their lists of words. One list will stay in their binder for the week, and the other one will be cut up into flash cards and used in class. I am so pleased with the excitement level in the class when its time to practice these words!


We continued to practice and master the skill of rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 as well as using our rounding skills to estimate sums. Students had fun playing various games with others in their group to become better at these skills. Next week we will practice several different methods for adding and subtracting. We will review some of the strategies they were introduced to last year, and introduce them to some new ones as well!

During guided math groups, students have the opportunity to practice math fluency using technology every day. I will be assigning new IXL topics for them to work on for the next two weeks.

We will also continue to practice addition and subtraction facts during our Otter Creek time. Today we had our first 2-minute timing on addition facts. Hopefully we will see an increase next week when we try it again.


Next week we hope to have Mrs. Counihan help us during writing time as we work on improving the writing we have created so far. Students have written several short pieces about important people and places. Now it's time to really dig deep into our stories to pick out the important parts and tell the most important details. Students are welcome to bring their writers notebooks home at any time to share their writing with family members.

A Few Reminders...

  • Signed Friday Folders due Monday
  • Reading Log due Monday
  • After School Program begins on Tuesday.