Truitt Tribune

April 11, 2014

From the Teacher

Please continue to send hats and light gloves to school with your child this week. The morning recess can still be a bit chilly and the extra layers come in handy. We can always leave layers in the room when it warms up for our afternoon recess.

Writing and Reading

In reading students have been working on making inferences before, during, and after their reading. They are describing how the characters feel based on the information from the text. Students learned that the pictures also help with inferring how the character feels throughout the text.

ASK your child: What is an inference, and how does it help you as a reader?

In Writing we are taking our notes about our researched animal and putting them back into complete thoughts and sentences in a book. This book gives students an opportunity to use nonfiction features and think about important decisions authors make.

Everyday Math:

The unit 6 math test will be coming home soon. Please be sure to take the opportunity to look for celebration and goal areas with your child.

Our current unit in math focuses on geometric shapes and attributes of those shapes. We will be learning about 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes, the attributes that define those shapes, and symmetry. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts at home with your child, along with counting and exchanging coins.

A Look Ahead:

Monday April 14: Day C- Music and PE

Tuesday April 15: Day D- Guidance

Wednesday April 16: Day E-Music and PE

Thursday April 17: Day F- Library and Computer Lab

Friday April 18: Day A- Music and PE

Monday April 21: Day B-Peacemakers and Art

Tuesday April 22: Day C- Music and PE (EARTH DAY)

Wednesday April 23: Day D- Guidance

Thursday April 24: Day E- Music and PE

Friday April 25: Day F- Library and Computer Lab