Saddam Hussein

cause and effect

cause and effect


  1. he was killing his own innocent people
  2. he threatened the united states
  3. he was found guilty for committing crimes against humanity
  4. he tried to kill the prime minister
  5. he ordered a poison gas attack on kurdsion halabja


  1. so he was sentenced to death by being hanged
  2. the U.S looked for him until they found him and finally captured him
  3. he was sentenced to death for commitng crimes against humanity
  4. his attack failed and his attackers that helped him were killed
  5. more than 5,000 people were killed

fun facts!

1. according to th U.S soldiers who were guarding him, one of the few times he ever looked defeated in prison was when they brought him fruit loops. Saddum Hessein hates fruit loops! uncle went to war in iraq to help find him.

3. they found him in a hole hiding.

4.he was part of a group to try assassinateing the prime minister. 2001 he pledged 94 million dollars to americans poor.

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