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Greenwich went Google!

Over the summer, GCS migrated from Microsoft products to Google products. The main reason for this switch was to allow students, faculty, and staff access to their documents and programs from any location with internet capabilities.

At the beginning of the school year, each ELA class (25) was introduced to Google Drive and Google Docs by the certified librarian. The training was done on Chromebooks in the Library Media Center. At the end of the training, students were able to successfully navigate the basics of Google in order to access their documents and complete homework. Since then, students have used other Google products based on teacher requirements and need.

77 and 113

The number of CLASSES using the LMC in September and October, respectively.

Tech Tip: Google Drive 'Starred'

Documents (or sheets, pictures, etc.) stored in Google Drive that are used frequently can be 'starred' in order to access them quickly. To 'star' an item, open it and click on the white star icon next to the document title. The star will turn yellow indicating it is now 'starred.' To access 'starred' items, when in Google Drive select the 'starred' option in the menu on the left side of the page. See below for pictures depicting these steps.

Changes to the LMC

Over the summer, the LMC received upgrades including new carpeting, a study bar, and reorientation of the computers to face the wall where there will eventually be an interactive screen. The changes have been well received.

Upon putting the LMC back together, it was decided that a change in the location of books should be considered to make the experience more friendly to users. To that end, the fiction and nonfiction switched places, and all the paperback fiction titles were integrated with the hardcover fiction titles. Therefore, all books in a series and/or by a particular author can now be found in one location.

206 and 337

The number of CLASSES that used the Chromebooks in September and October, respectively.

New to Us: Chromebooks!

The LMC now manages 4 carts each housing 25 Chromebooks. Chromebooks are smaller laptops that use Google Chrome as their operating platform. The Chromebooks are reserved by teachers for use in the classroom and allow access to the Internet, as well as to students' Google drives. With the addition of these Chromebooks, access to computers has increased by 76 devices.

1378 and 2818

The number of STUDENTS in the LMC throughout the day in September and October, respectively.

STEM in the LMC

Thanks to a generous gift contributed in recognition and appreciation of the distinguished service of our BOE members, the LMC now has 2 STEM kits for student creation and exploration.

231 and 442

The number of students in the LMC after school in September and October, respectively.


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