Mrs. Fobbe's Class

First Grade

Reading and Writing

Theme 9, Week 1,
  • Vocabulary words: harvested, scent, peaceful
  • Comprehension strategy: use fix-up strategies and compare and contrast information

In reading, we are working on using fix-up strategies to help us understand our stories. We continue to ask questions before, during, and after reading a book to monitor our comprehension. Practice this at home while reading your books. In writing, we have moved from revising to editing in the writing process. This week we learned about verbs. We finally finished our class book. It was sent on Friday to be published. I am very excited to get it back!

On Friday, we were lucky to have Mr. Kuklok come in and read us a story about hockey.


This week we worked with words that have the oke and ope endings.


Finished Topic 11, tens and ones.

  • Finding groups of tens and counting the ones left over.
  • Determining how many tens are in a two digit number.
  • skip counting by 2, 5, and 10
  • Finding the pattern in a table
  • Figuring out what comes next in a pattern


In science, we started learning about ponds and lakes. If you have the chance this would be a great discussion to have at home.

Valentine's Day and 100th day of school

The next few weeks will be very exciting in first grade. On Friday, February 12th we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and on Wednesday, February 17th we will be celebrating the 100th day of school! We’ll be celebrating these special events by doing many fun things that involve the number 100 and Valentine’s Day.

We are asking each child to bring 100 items to school for “Show and Tell” on Wednesday, February 17th. These 100 items MUST fit in your child’s backpack. This will give us a good idea as to how the number 100 stays the same, but bulk and design change.

On Friday, February 12th we will be exchanging Valentine’s. If your child chooses to bring a Valentine’s, please make sure that there is one for everyone in the class. If you decide to send a treat as well, please make sure that it is commercially prepared and individually wrapped. Below you will find a list of the children in our class.

Class List:

Cash Addy Jack Charity RaVae Gustov Matthew Josslyn Vanessa Karly Josie Urijah Brielle Colton Senja Izaiah Alexa Logan Lucas Kaelob Trinity Dalton Kyler Hans Jacob Nicole


  • NO school on February 15th
  • Make sure your child is bringing ALL their snow gear to school.
  • February 11th we are going on our field trip. Don't forget to send a bag lunch.
  • Thursday, February 11th is hat day
  • Our class is running low on some word work supplies. We are in need of thin markers, bingo daubers, and play-doh. Thank you to those families that have already donated to our class. If you would be interested in donating you can send it with your child to school. :)


I added our link to Quizlet. You can go to the link and practice your sight words. :)