My 8th grade Persona

By: Caleb Staggs


I'm Relaxed, Conscientious, respectful. I can be VERY impulsive. I would consider my self an interesting person. I'm Rice and a Tuner, And I'm a Programmer. I'm a Designer and a skater as well


I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. - Bruce lee

it fits me because i say what i have i wish for what i don't i enjoy life my way and EVERYONE is always like bring it or prove it and this fits me because i'll bring it if i want to if i need it i honestly couldn't care what you want me to do i don't have to prove something to you


Conflicts i face is anger, people in general like i said in the above quotes i'm here for me not for you i face anger everyday because i create my own style I try to be unique and every day someone make's fun of me and I've usually had enough so skating is my outlet along with BMX.
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And last i chose that NYU university because that's where i hope to go in a few years after high school i just need to keep up my GPA hopefully i can get in!!!

My Hobbies

my hobbies are


and Basketball and football along with hanging out with my friends


My Biggest influences would have to be YG and August Alsina along with 2 of my best friends Tanner Garland and Antonio Barragan and my dad because they are always there for me and they help me out when i need it or want something and I know I can count on them if I need to

my FAVORITE song

my favorite song and one that suits me if heck of a night by schoolboy q in the song it says

" Night life in the bright lights swaggin in the Concords you at the bottom we the top dawgs" it suits me because i love being out in the night life of Anna i guess i stay out late into the nights partying and messing around a lot with my friends and i wear a lot of nice things and look cool outside of school almost like a different me and because nobody messes with me outside of school and if they are they are my friends most people leave me alone.


in 25 years I want to be an anesthesiologist and i hope to be I see myself living in either new York city after college or hopefully I want to live in Beverly Hills with my wife and kids and dogs.
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What i love tech/headphone wise are beats what I hate is any headphones that are not beats beats rock especially studio's and wireless and solo2's

BELIEF'S "my motto"

it's not really a philosophy and im not sure what it is but it's something i heard that i live by now "give respect to get respect" in a way it's my motto
Hardflip Late Shuv | Trick Challenge
thats not me but i can do it this signifys me because im a skater but also because it shows hardwork that we do.
Xilent - Touch Sound
I create dubstep at my house i hope to be like this someday xilent is like my dubstep role model