AESOP Certification Class

2 day class at the North Central ESD in Wenatchee!

Be an AESOP Expert!

Have you been asked to run Aesop for your district, yet never been officially trained? Are you trying to learn Aesop on the fly, all the while wishing an Aesop Expert would magically appear and show you all the tricks of the trade? Wish no more –an Aesop Certification Course is coming to Wenatchee, WA.

Led by experienced Aesop Implementation Specialists, the Aesop Certification Course provides a basic yet thorough 2 day training held from 8:30-3:00 on DAY 1 and 8:30 - 2:00 on DAY 2. The meetings will cover industry best practices to use Aesop in the most efficient and cost effective way for your district, making sure that you are trained and certified to maintain Aesop at optimum levels.

This training session is a wonderful way to interact with the implementation representatives, have a great lunch, and share experiences with us and other school district personnel. You will leave as an Aesop Expert, and we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible since seating is limited at this location.

Seating is limited. Sign up today!

Tuesday, Oct. 7th, 8:30am

430 Olds Station Rd

Wenatchee, WA

This is a two day class. Lunch and snacks will be provided!