Clarinet Recital


Ludwig van Beethoven- Beethoven’s family origininated from Brabant, Belgium. (A small country in between Germany and France). His dad was a mucisian that struggled with alchahol. His mom on the other hand was like his “buddy” always very friendly and patient. Beethoven was highly interested in music at a very young age. His dad taught him day and night. At the age of 7, he had his first performance. Turning the age of 12, Ludwig produced his first piece of music. He countinued to make music till the day he died, (March, 26 1827)

Bruce Pearson

Bruce Pearson- Pearson is a musucian known for conducting, music teaching, and clinician. His best well known work is his arrangment of The Standard of Excellence. Besides Bruce’s method books, his conducting and teaching life was 30+ years of elementary, Junior high, High, and collage levels. Being nominated for the Excellence Education award lead him to be recongized by Minnesota for “recognition of his outstanding contribution to music education” in 1998.

A few facts about me.....

I'm Bella Munro, and I'm a basic 13 year old who is a happy camper who can't live without coffee and has a passion for music! I play the sims and listen to music on my spare time, if I'm feeling smart I will read. :)

Turkish March

Turkish March is a famous classical piece by Beethoven (obviously) The song is a b flat major, and it was perfected in 1822.