Arial Sharon

by shani hodadad & shir yonish

1. was arial sharon a leader?

Arial Sharon was a leader in Israel, and he made a lot of things for Israel . He heighted the militant attitude to fight terrorism and supported the settlement enterprise.

He found The liked in 2000 and buy to a stroke in 2001 could not continue to lead the likud.

2. do you agree or disagree that he was a leader?

We think that Ariel Sharon was a great leader and daring , he loved his people and his people loved him, he was a builder of our country , he was made ​​the Yom Kippur War surprise victory in addition he was fearless .

Ariel Sharon was the last prime minister from rebirth.

He was the last he saw the terrible wars of Israel , the War of Independence .

He was the last that was in the Palmach , the last of our leaders knows what this feeling that Israel is not obvious .

He remembered the world leader appoint unique history .

He saw Israel as his extended family .

Arrival as chairman of the Likud changed him .

He is viewed on R " temporary " and it's the job just because party leaders laid the old man did not threaten them irascible generally fixed position .

Sharon and his director general Uri Shani , thought otherwise . They began to rebuild his image , format it as an adult responsible , balanced and relaxed.

3. what made arial sharon be aleader?

Arial Sharon became leader after 1982 it was transferred from the post of defense minister and continued to serve in the Knesset as minister without portfolio.

In 1990 he was appointed minister of housing and conduction in this post urged the tremendous conduction in the territories elections held on February 6.2001, Arial Sharon run for prime minister Ehud Barak front and won by a large margin.

4. what other people from different countries think about arial sharon?

We think that people from the world come to say goodbye to Ariel Sharon because some of them came out of joy took he died, and some came from sadness and pain, and Ariel Sharon had a good example and powerful leader.

5. why do you think people from all over the world came say last good bay?

Different people around the world think about Ariel Sharon that he was a good leader such as:
One. Israel said: "We promise to always remember Ariel Sharon and will never forget him and his leadership skills."
Two. New York said: "He showed us that Israeli leaders can keep the tactics of war through peace and security".
And states that
Three. Palestinians said: "Palestinians should celebrate the death of this criminal as his hands got ourselves killed."