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Week 5 update: September 21st-25th

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Dear Families,

We had a short but very busy week! Thank you for all your help and support at home to get ready for the first math test and for helping out with the hanger people. These were the highlights of our "roses and thorns" this week!

Next week will be our first full week of school and we will have school on Monday. This means that we are ready to start our spelling groups. Students will get a new spelling/word sort each week. There will be daily practice and a quiz each Friday.

We hope you had a lovely day off of school.

Ms. Collins and Mrs. Cucco


This week we reviewed all the concepts from chapter 1 and took our first post test. The students then learned how to review their own errors and most importantly, learn from them. Students took a second look at their tests and corrected mistakes.

The students were pleasantly surprised at how much they have learned since their pretests.

Students then reviewed concepts on "bar modeling" and took their chapter 2 pretest. Our next chapter is Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers.

Another friendly math fact reminder: please encourage nightly practice. If you noticed that your child is not automatic with his/her recall of multiplication facts, please encourage nightly practice. The links below can be used to sharpen math fact recall.

Supports for Students - D28 Family Math Connections

Click here to access the math links.

Reading Workshop

We began this week in reading by reviewing "Author's Purpose". We read the book Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School to talk about discuss if the author was trying to persuade, inform, or entertain the reader. Students also looked for the message that the author was trying to give the reader. Students practiced these skills again when we watched the Pixar short film, "La Luna".

We also discussed "Metacognition". We used the video "La Luna" to help us recognize the thoughts that occur while reading or watching something. Students recorded their thinking and then used those notes to help in our first guided reading groups.

In those groups students all practiced sharing their thinking. They used their peers thoughts to help build off of their own ideas or generate new ones. Our groups were very successful and the students were amazed that the conversation about our thinking lasted much longer than the video! Students identified that they can think about plot, characters, emotions, problem and solution, and questioning.

La Luna FULL HD 1080p) Disney Pixar

Writing Workshop

In writing, we completed our first mentor sentence. Each week we will look at one sentence to help reinforce our grammar. Students will learn to identify the different parts of speech, sentence structure, and other forms of descriptive writing. This week's sentence was: "At night the sky sparkles with thousands of stars." We spent much of the time this week learning how to identify the subject and predicate.

Students also worked really hard to research and write about their hanger people. Their hard work is paying off and they are nearly finished!

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, the students learned about the Boston Massacre that took place in 1770. Did you know that John Adams defended the British soldiers that were accused of killing five people in the Boston Massacre? The students watched a clip of the the HBO series, John Adams, to see the events of this "massacre" and the fair trial that took place. The tensions in the colonies were at a fever point, yet Adams had confidence in our judicial system and decided to defend the soldiers.

Students used all their information from the Boston Massacre to create a police report that shared the report from a loyalist, a patriot, and the police officer (them)! Students had to use the historical facts to help them uncover their own opinions of who they thought was to blame, the colonists or the soldiers.

Paul Revere's engraving of The Boston Massacre was the focus of much of our social studies conversations this week. Students discovered the historical inaccuracies that it contains and it lead to a discussion of why he may have done this. Students learned about propaganda and how this piece of art work was used in the colonies to help spread a message. We also used Paul Revere's engraving to learn about primary and secondary sources. Students went on a scavenger hunt around the room to see if they could identify different selected items as either primary or secondary sources.

Primary vs Secondary Sources

Type to Learn

We have been working on our typing skills and they are improving! However, the students still need to focus on proper technique while practicing.

We are encouraging the student to:

  • sit up straight (no yoga balls)
  • feet flat on the floor
  • fingers curved
  • fingers on (or close to) the home keys
  • eyes on the screen

We will try to send home a print out report of their progress. These will be sent home once a month in their Friday Folders.

Ask your Student about:

•Voice Levels

•Liberty's Kids

•Hanger People

Wonder and their thoughts about the character Jack Will

•Sudoku Puzzles

•Roses and Thorns

•Paul Revere's engraving

•John Adams

•Primary and Secondary Sources

Things to come:

  • Tuesday, October 6th
  • Picture Day

  • Monday, October 12th
  • NO SCHOOL (Columbus Day)
Weekly Vocabulary

Next week is lesson 3