How to Bunbury

By: Aileen Medina

What is Bunburying?

Bumbarying is something you do when you don't feel like going somewhere you don't want to. Say your mom tells you to go to the grocery store with her but you don't want to you so say you have to take care of Bunbury because he is sick and needs your help.

Why would you want to Bunbury?

If you have a lot of responsibilities and want to get away from them Bunburying is perfect for you. Another reason for Bunburying would be to have a double life. While Bunburying you can act like someone else and know one would know its you.

Things you may encounter while Bunburying

People that know who you really are may recognize you would be a problem. You may also get in trouble of some kind and need to leave the place you are imitatively without people noticing you. Another thing you will need to look out for is that you accidentally slips out of your mouth like your real name or you get who your suppose to be in different places.

How to.......

Becoming an official Bunburyist

  1. You need two names your real one and one you made up.
  2. Clothes you don't usually wear or clothes people wont recognize you in.
  3. Fun places where people you know wont go.
  4. You should also be a god lair so people wont get suspicious.

Remember that Bunburying is about having fun and doing whatever you want. Good luck with your new friend Bunbury.