By:morgan sneeden

Is hydrogen renewable or non renewable ?

Hydrogen is renewable. Hydrogen is also found in many organic compounds, that hydrocarbons make up many of our fuels, such as gasoline, natural gas, methanol, and propane. Hydrogen can be separated from hydrocarbons by heat - a process known as refining. Currently, most hydrogen is made this way from natural gas. So yes hydrogen is a renewable source.

Where is hydrogen found on the earth ?

Hydrogen is found in all of life! It is actually the most abundant element in the whole universe. You find it in the sun and stars, and it is massively abundant in water.So you see hydrogen is always around us ,in the air ,the water we drink and in the sun and stars. So hydrogen is always around us.

Are there products created or other uses of this source of energy ?

Most of the earths hydrogen is combined with oxygen as well as water. hydrogen also occurs frequently in combination with carbon in a large compounds such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, and all plants and animals.Hydrogen is also very flamable even though its included in water , so its included in alot the explosives today.

Who uses hydrogen in the world ?

Hydrogen is being used by everyone all the time. Hydrogen is a good producer of energy so therefore hydrogen is always being used. Hydrogen is also being used for mainly air we breath and the water we drink because all of that includes hydrogen.

Is hydrogen expensive or not ?

Hydrogen gas is really expensive compared to regular gasoline.Current average prices are around $2.50-$3.00 per gallon of hydrogen fuel. Taking the ratio into account, this effectively means that a hybrid car will achieve an average of sixty miles per gallon at $3.00. Comparing that to regular gasoline, if you spend $3.00 per gallon and get sixty miles in your hybrid, you are spending the equivalent of around $1.70 per gallon in regular fuel for every 30 miles you do. so hydrogen is very expensive.