Sept, 6 2013 (Vol. 3)


This picture sums up how I have been feeling walking around our school and seeing happy and engaged students engrossed in meaningful and thoughtful instruction. Instructional time is being utilized to the fullest and student's time is being maximized (as I made my way around at 2:00 students were all hard at work)! All of you should be so proud to be a part of something so impressive!

Quote of the Week:

"Education is the single most important job of the human race!" George Lucas

High Tides

  • Hollis - Thank you Hollis for presenting important volunteer info. to our parentsat the Volunteer Tea!
  • CELDT Testing - A HUGE thank you to Jeanne, Jillian, Marci (and Hollis this summer) for completing all of our CELDT testing!
  • Kathy - Thank you Kathy for making about 130 certificates for our Dolphin Summer Reading Challenge!
  • Dr. Lynch - for meeting with our 4th grade team and getting input
  • Matt - For tweaking our supervision schedule to make for a more structured and safe afternoon pick-up (details coming soon)
  • Jeff and Guy from M&O - They completed installing our backpack hooks
  • Our Support Staff - Debbie Stadler - for always doing such a great job at our Friday Assemblies, Coach Penton - For setting such a great environment during recess time. He is always engaged with students and proactively monitoring their games, Nancy Reitzler - for having a positive attitude as she goes on the cart!, Adriana Abular- Who has been hard at work preparing for all of our students, gathering ideas, collaborating with others, and getting ready for MAP testing!
  • To the Entire Solana Highlands Staff - For establishing great expectations and routines within and outside of your classrooms (e.g. collaboration, Teamwork, Rotations, lining up and walking in the hallways, social skills,


  • Happy Birthday - Coach Penton 9-9 (ask him how is skydiving went on Monday!), Jordan Shimamura 9-10, Kirsten Oliver 9-12,
  • MAP testing - Be sure to stay with your classes and record students' times
  • Cabinet Meeting - 9-11 - Otto, Anderson, Leffel, Doolittle, Dart, Lefkowitz, Scacco
  • Climate Meeting - 9-11 - Murphy, Mortazavi, White, Leventhal, Kvalstad, Carlson
  • Student Council Elections - 9-11
  • District Strategic Planning - 9-12
  • Friday Band Assembly - 4th Grade 11:00-11:20 and Innisbrook Assembly - 2:00 in the Amphitheater


Education Corner -

This is a repeat, but making learning objectives clear to students is a research-based best practice that is worth repeating. Please be sure to post your objective, refer to it during your lesson, and review during closure.