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Celebrating November


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BIG Glitteratti Welcome to:

Angela MacRitchie, Neve Taylor Hawthorn, Brayden Kolisniak, Bryony Wright, Denise Monkman, Jill Whitfield.

November was a BIG Month!

Congrats to everyone who sold a little sparkle in November and contributed to our team success. As a group, we sold $328, 000 worth of accessories!!!! Many women have paid for Christmas in cash already....there are going to be some pretty rockin' toys under the tree.

Although this newsletter is longer than usual, I really hope that you will take the time to read through. I am very proud of what we have all done and what we will do in December. It will make kickin' our feet up so much sweeter during the holidays.


Do you have special Kudos for someone on your team? Please forward them to me so we can share their successes.

Grace Lanuza- Grace works her Stella business part time and has been busy as a new Mom on Mat leave and had a rockin' trunk show this month!

Cheryl Shaw- Congrats on launching your business. We hear you have a thing for jewelry? ;)

Nadine Skaling- For launching strong and hitting your first jumpstart with the second only one sale behind!

Sarah Morris- Congrats on launching your business and hitting your Quick Start Bonus AND your Book & Sell Award!

Megan McCrae- For busting out sales right to the very last minute!!

Kalinda Wiebe- For having an awesome November all while being a happy hobbyist! Wasn't that FUN?!

Rachela Brisindi and Charissa Kingma- For always having positive words for our stylist community on our team Facebook page. You are both so lovely and encouraging!

Leah Leipert- For re-launching your business after maternity leave and through a family crisis! You never cease to amaze me with your drive and ambition!

Dianne Kalita- For not leaving money on the table! You stretched to earn your bonus override this month by leveraging the sale and reaching out to spouses and customers for gift purchases.

Lydia O'Neill- She actually collected enough outside orders in advance of her trunk show that her show was Jump Start qualified before the first guest arrived. Congratulations on hitting your first Book & Sell award!

Alison Montone-Lyon and Rachelle Rekken- Congrats on earning the jumpstart circle of success! $400 in credits and a beautiful exclusive sterling silver bracelet.

Danielle Naccarato- When Danielle's hostess got the flu, she got on the phone. She made use of the time she would have been at the trunk show by calling 8 people and booked 3 trunk shows.

Sarah Cassidy- For earning your first Book & Sell Jumpstart Award!

Miranda Russell and Cheryl Shaw-Congrats on earning your first JumpStart!

You ladies are all amazing!!

November Promotions

Senior Stylist

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Shannon Evora

Family Situation (Single, married, kids, fur-babies?) – Married 18 years to wonderful hubby John and super proud Mom of 9 year old twins Maddie & Deklan

Stella & Dot Start date – Oct 2009

How you found the opportunity? Did someone introduce you? – Got invited to a Stella show and met the lovely Scarlett Ballantyne..she told me “I’d be great at this!”..after seeing her again at another show, I warmed up to the idea even more..I signed up the next month

Short and Long Term goals – Building my team and hitting Star

How you plan to spend your earnings – I have a thing for shoes and boots! But I really love treating my kids..their favs are shopping at Indigo and frozen yogurt at Menchies

Why you wanted to become a stylist – I knew right away the jewelry was irresistible and though I never saw myself as a sales person, the idea of working but still being there full time with my kids was ideal.

Any fun facts about you - I used to want to be an actress and even took Theatre in University! I grew up performing in all the school plays..I loved being on stage!

Favourite Make up brand? (why not?!) – Thank goodness for my make up savvy friends, otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue! I love Laura Mercier, Lancome and Nars. But I still use Maybelline mascara..the one in the pink and green tube..since I was 13!

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Jennifer Evans

2. Family Situation (Single, married, kids, fur-babies?)

My husband and I are coming up on our 10 year anniversary this May so expect to hear about a big party in the summer! We have two children, Ally 8 and Ryan 5.

3. Stella & Dot Start date

I joined the Stella & Dot family in November of 2011 so just celebrated my 2 Year Stella-versary!!!

4. How you found the opportunity? Did someone introduce you?

I actually first heard of Stella & Dot when my girlfriend Scarlett hosted a very small & intimate Trunkshow at her store Beautilicious in South Surrey. To get any idea of how small Stella & Dot was at that time there was a certain CEO by the name of Mike Lohner in attendance :0

5. Short and Long Term goals

My Short-term goal is to sell all 30 Gift Cards & 18 Friendship Bracelets that I ordered for the Holidays. Long-term, continue growing a strong team, increase my average Trunkshow sales and promote to Star Stylist.

6. How you plan to spend your earnings

good food, wine & travel!

Star Stylist

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Rachelle Eggertson

I am married to a great entrepenuerial guy who has ran his own business for many years and continues to step out of the box with new businessses, the latest being tequila! I have two awesome kids, 12 and 14 who I have stayed at home to raise for the past 13 years. We have an adorable King Charles Spaniel, affectionately known as Prince Bentley.

I started Stella & Dot on April 26th of this year.

I have been going to Stella and Dot parties for years and then finally hosted my own. I had so much fun having the party that I decided I wanted to get in on this action. It was also timing, I was looking for something new in my life . Scarlett asked me if I could see myself being a stylist and Voila! , the seed was planted!

Short term goals for the next two days- to promote to Star! After that- to stay there for a while and then who knows!

I haven't decided where to spend my money yet. Oh so many choices!

I orginally wanted to become a stylist because it looked like fun and I wanted ALL the jewelry! I think I was really looking for something to belong to that wasn't part of the rest of my family. My husband had a new business, TAVI Tequila (a shameless plug!) and my kids are growing up and I don't need to be making cupcakes for the bake sales anymore. This is 100% pour moi! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Fun facts- I have a pink Vespa named Audrey that I drive around my neighbourhood on sunny days- if you have never riden a Vespa you simply must! The little trunk fits two bottles of wine and 2 full jewelry portfolios perfectly! ;)

Fav. Make-up Brand-

At the moment I am loving my URBAN DECAY. I more of a perfume girl really - a devout Jo Malone fan.

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Cara Gilewicz

I am a mother of two boys, two and four, and have a great husband, who is very supportive (especially after I paid for our trip to Vegas with my S&D money!). I am also a high school teacher.I have been with Stella & Dot for a little over two years now. I looked into it thinking I would have a show for my birthday and ended up spending hours on the website looking at the jewelry. I decided to sign up and do a few shows! The empowerment of women and charity aspects really appealed to me and I have also used it to support a charity I love. The extra money has helped me do some extra giving...and shopping for myself! Currently, the thing I love about Stella & Dot is that it is there for you in whatever capacity you want it to be. These past six months have been especially hard, having been diagnosed and undergoing treatment for Stage 2 breast cancer. Each time I thought I would have to give up my business there was a flash incentive bringing business to me without any work, which just encouraged me to keep putting effort in! I love that Stella & Dot helps you propel your business through these types of sales, incentives (and I love a good incentive!) and the technology they provide us. This year Stella & Dot has given me a much needed sense of control, a reason to get out and a way to look good in addition to connecting me with some really awesome ladies!
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Nancy Dunsmore

Married 10 years with 2 children (Calli = 8, Matty = 6)

Started Oct 7 (it's the date i ordered my kit so = start date)

At the time, I was a rep with another line of jewelry. Over beers after baseball, a few of us were talking about an upcoming show I was doing. One of the girls asked if I had ever heard of Stella & Dot. She had learned of the line when her cousin, Jillian Harris, was on The Bachelorette and wore a few of the Stella & Dot pieces. I would be lying if I said I didn't watch that program and I thought Jillian had great style. Got home that night, looked it up and fell in love. Without seeing one piece, I signed up and have never looked back.

Short term Goals - consistent star, long term Goal - director

We just took the kids to Disneyland and Laguna Beach - all with my Stella & Dot earnings. I want to get rid of some debt and tuck away some dollars for another family get away next year.

The stylist opportunity really resonated with me because up until I started selling jewels, I was at home, full time with my kids. It was so great but I found that I was missing something important … me. No one really prepares you for the transition of moving from a career, to starting a family and then being at home full time. I wanted something that would allow me to pursue a career while having the flexible schedule. The perks of having a fantastic jewelry wardrobe didn't hurt either. I love that I can do everything with my kids and still have a career that I am in control of.

Fun facts = Ukrainian dancer, traveller of Brazil, marathon completer, parade lover

Favourite Make up....Tough one - I don't really have one - I'm a bit of a gypsy with my makeup but I do adore Lancome mascara and Sephora makes the best nude lip gloss called Perfect Nude.

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Janet Rutledge

Married to highschool sweatheart, 2 high maintenance but wonderful children
Started in March 2010
I was invited to a trunk show by Leah Leipert and just knew I had to have more
My short-term goal is to not lose my mind before Christmas with this crazy juggling act I’m doing. Long-term goal is to quit my job as a Legal Assistant and do Stella & Dot full-time on my own terms because I know for sure that it is my dream job!
How I plan to spend my earnings: Christmas gifts in cash
I wanted to become a stylist because I love the earning potential, I love the jewelry, I love the flexibility, I love the recognition and rewards, I love the friendships, and I love coaching and mentoring a team of amazing women
Fun facts hmmmm….I’m a 3 time full Marathon finisher - believe it or not!, I love the Walking Dead on AMC, I am a true girly girl but am as undomestic as they come.
Don’t have a favourite make-up brand which is odd because I love make-up but I’ve never really experimented with different brands. I do have over 80 lipsticks of varying brands. Anything that can transform me from a real life walking dead to presentable will do….


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Colleen Carlisle

I am very pleased to announce this promotion as Colleen has consistently worked at this level with dedication and passion. I'm sure that the "Dreamies" will agree with me that this is well-deserved!

Family Situation (Single, married, kids, fur-babies?)

Married 10 years to Dave with kids Campbell seven and Darcy five

Stella & Dot Start date

November 11th 2009

How you found the opportunity?

Did someone introduce you?

In January 2009 my girlfriend was starting her own jewelry company and I suggested she use Stella & Dot as the model. We would go through the website at length and discuss all the things they were doing right while secretly wishing I could sign up. When her jewelry dream came to an end, I signed up immediately.

Initially, I wanted to just get more jewels for cheaper and didn't have lofty career goals but I was open to what else it had to offer.

Short and Long Term goals

I am a huge believer in goal-setting. I like them to be written down, have a visual tracking system and three stages. This fall, my goals were to 1. Earn $10,000 between September and December, 2. To earn iHappy and 3. Promote to Director.

This is the first season I've ever hit all 3 goals! And I blew #1 out of the water and I'm still going.

I started every week by making 20 points of contact that moved my business forward - booking shows, following up with customers, coaching stylists, training new stylists, prospecting for stylists, chatting with my power boost partner, etc.

Coming into January, I will have a whole new set of goals and I'm already busy plotting them.

How you plan to spend your earnings

From my November earnings alone I'm giving my husband a $5, 000 cheque, I bought him a very fancy espresso machine and the rest is being reinvested into my business for samples, incentives and travelling to Director's Retreat.

Why you wanted to become a stylist

I wanted a reason to get dressed up again. And meet new people. And use my brain. And laugh!

Any fun facts about you J

I bought my childhood home off my parents when they moved out.

Favourite Make up brand? (why not?!)

I love Benefit Cosmetics but my bag is full of them all - Urban Decay, Cargo, Makeup Forever, Bare Escentuals, Christian Dior, YSL, Chanel, Smashbox...I'm super girly.


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Kelsea Parenteau

Kelsea Parenteau has been a stylist for just over 2 months. She rocked out her jumpstart with no computer and no car. She has an alluring sweetness about her and two young boys for whom she wants to set the best example. She has a great sense of selling on an e-commerce platform and has engaged customers through her own facebook fan page. She is excited about Stella & Dot and so are her customers. This girl has big goals and she will achieve them. Her sales kept climbing and climbing this month and she has achieved a personal best and her first volume rebate! She oozes positivity, kindness and has the desire to start building a team. I’m so proud of her! ~Janet

Top Ten November Sales

Stacy Williams $11,022.65

Alison Montone-Lyon $10,690.10

Jodi Macandrew $9,216.58

Shannon Evora $9,138.16

Nancy Dunsmore $8,255.13

Jamie Dunlop $8,196.64

Colleen Carlisle $8,141.06

Rachela Brisindi $7,769.99

Kelly Nicoll $7,611.27

Rachelle Eggertson $7,529.38

Open Community Meetings

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Wanting to attend an area meeting? Jump on the events tab of your personal website to locate the closest one in your area. If you have to drive a couple of hours to attend one, jump in the car and take a friend, you'll be so glad you did! If you can't find a local meeting, reach out to your upline Director, and she'll help connect you with area stylists.

If you are not in British Columbia or Ontario... you are not alone :). There are meetings taking place within our team and in many cities ALL across the country each and every month. We are here to help connect you so search on the events tab or reach up to your upline support.

Stacy's Holiday Schedule

After a very busy year and an even busier fall, it is time for a break.

I will officially be on holidays December 7-28th. I will not have access to email so please take the time to seek out answers via the Stylist Lounge, our Facebook Page, or customer care.

And just a reminder.....if you need to be in touch with me, please use my personal email address. I'm not getting back to everyone as quickly as usual because I am receiving email, FB email, and texts. Please use Cheers. :)