Welcome Back!

Greetings from University Libraries

Welcome back for the 2013-14 academic year! The University Libraries are introducing new everything this year – new people, new services, and new resources.This year we are beginning to change how we purchase some books and journals. This service, which we call Access Now, uses technology to provide access to thousands of eBooks and electronic journals from the world’s best scholarly publishers at the point of need (rather than the clumsy method of guessing what you and your students might want). We will still have plenty of traditional print books, but Access Now provides access to over 80,000 scholarly eBooks and 7,300 journals. Your department’s Research & Instruction Librarian can tell you more and help you take advantage of these services. We are also rolling out a new search feature which will search all of the libraries’ resources simultaneously. You can find this search box on our website or on your disciplines’ LibGuides page.

We are always adding new content, whether books, electronic subscriptions, or digital archives. This past year we added new JSTOR collections, expanded the content of Web of Knowledge, and purchased thousands of new books. Our blog highlights new additions to our collections, and showcases the publications of MSU faculty.

With over 2 million database searches and over 500,000 visits to Waterfield Library last year, we are looking forward to another big year, and to working with you and your students. Have a great year.

Adam Murray

Dean, University Libraries