Tom Robinson Trial

By: Colin Stowe

The Trial

Is it just assumed that any black man would rape a white woman, if given a chance? Tom Robinson is a 25 year old negro man. He has recently been accused of raping Mayella Ewell. Mayella is 19. Mayella has said that she asked Tom Robinson to come into her yard to chop up a chifferobe. Is this true?

Tom supposedly followed Mayella into her house and he raped her. Tom’s attorney, Atticus Finch, is bound and determined to give Mr. Robinson a good defense. During this trial, it has been revealed that Tom Robinson has a permanent injury. Tom’s left arm is fully twelve inches shorter than his right arm, and it hangs dead weight at the side of him. Mr. Robinson’s arm got caught in a cotton gin, and it ripped all the muscles from his bones. So there is absolutely no use of his left arm.

The Trial Continued...

So far in the Tom Robinson trial, everything has been going smoothly. There has not been much conflict in the courtroom so far.The tension is this courtroom, is skyrocketing! Many arrived at this trial to see what they are going to do to Tom Robinson. You would think that there is a circus in town! This trial is going to leave a mark in history. Hopefully this trial will not last too much longer, and the jury will come to a verdict.