''Odett's Secret''

Author:Maryann Macdonald project by: Elizabeth Reynoso

oddets secret

Story Plot

  • exposition: in the story oddet'secret Odett is a young girl she's in the time were jewish people were not resived that well as other people.Oddet hade to lie about her life her mother and herself were jewish they lived in paris.(text evidence page 1,3)oddets dad was packing to go to war he left oddet help him pack ''papa why do you keep a french dictoonary with you'' oddet said ''im going to need it '' Oddet's father said oddets dad was going to fight in the war that day oddet gave a big hug to him and oddet's mother gave a kiss to Oddet's dad ''bye dont forget to send us letters'' they said as they waved bye.

  • Rising action: One day oddet's mom and oddet has oddet walk on the street she saw stores broken oddet didn't know what was happing . Oddet soon hade to know why soldier were in the street and lot of stores broken and bandalise because the store onwers were jewish. Sometime later oddet mom went to a store bought a star she soaw it into oddet's school shirt.Oddet got bullied in school because if you hade a star on your clothing means your jewish she got kick and made fun in school alot her friend wen't friend with her anymore just because shes jewish she could go to places like parks or have fun with her friends.The book is a man vs society she hade to lie so she can survive she not making the hate and sadness win her over.In the mail they resiveded a letter.
  • Climax: Oddets dad was in jail Oddet'smom and oddet went to go see him oddet described the place dark scary ther was a man in the back with a big gun staring at them he didn't move at all she heard some noice then the man in the back shoot it was too dark to see if her dad got shoot oddet's mom took oddet's hand and ran.Oddet was scared that her that got shoot and die a few days later Oddet and her mother were moving in paris there was to much terorisome there.Oddet's mother found a small village no jews allowed oddet and her mother lied about being jewish oddet said she hade many friends now she went to church school she learn about her fake religion she also lied about being christian.She hade a great life there she hade a cat she always wanted soon they found out oddet was jewish kids attaked her they trew her and roll her down a mountain she found a bush and hide she hade bruses her dress was riped.Oddet got back home she told her mother what happen the kids that did that to her the sister came and apoligize the kids to but with a grin soon they were friends.
  • falling action:some years later The nazi left; the new paper said oddet and her mother went back to paris ;it not like it use;. oddet said.As oddet went back were she use to live as a young girl paris was all ruined many building were broken.
  • Resolution: .One day she was walking in the streets there was a woman crying and other wemen''you remende me of my daughter'' a woman said then started to cry.A day later a man was in her house her mom welcome him but she then left for work he hade a french diconary the coveer was broken as time went on oddet started to feelclose to him ''i think i know you''....


This book is a man vs society oddet goes though a stage she get bullied because she was a jew if hilter didn't hate a jewish people she would be bullied and hade to lie about her life Oddet is the protagonist

4 facts

  1. jewish people were not allowed to go to places like parks,schools,churches and even more places they could go.
  2. why did the nazi hate jewish people alot? The nazi hated jewish people because they were not follwing the abhorrent religion doctrine.
  3. the Nazi wanted to destroy jewish people they didnt want them her most protest in street poster with hateful comments.
  4. Most jewish people hade to lie about being jewish to survive jewish were not trusted.