SIG Hudson Week 2

Fun times in Hoboken!

Notes from the Office

It's hard to believe that Week 2 is complete! Listed below are reminders for the last week of the Summer Institute for the Gifted in Hoboken:

  • Crazy Day is Thursday. Wear your wildest and most colorful outfits!
  • Closing Ceremony begins promptly at 4:30 PM on Friday in the Gymnasium on the 4th Floor. Pick up is still at 4 PM! From 4 to 4:30 PM, we invite you to browse of Student Gallery of Achievement on the 3rd Floor. Student projects will be displayed, and the SIG slideshow will be airing in one of the classrooms.

Again, if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ms. Lawrence or Miss Gaby!

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Anticipating Algebra

This week began talking about like terms, distributive property, coefficients, and reciprocals. We added new terminology to our "X-files" exercise - "quotient" and "product" - to help us learn the language of algebra. We are applying all these new skills to solving word problems and to our individual projects which include, budgets, investment portfolios, songs, videos, and games!

Eureka: Inventive Minds at Work

This week, our little inventors spent some time in the computer lab researching famous inventors. They all created a short PowerPoint presentation, which was presented to the class the following day. In addition, we are beginning to study various periods of invention revolutions, including the Stone Age, the Metal Age, and the Age of Discovery. Some of the inventions that students practiced learning hands-on include cave paintings, pottery for storage, a water wheel, irrigation, and inventing a new language. This allowed the campers to see what it was like to invent these products, which changed the lives of people during each of these periods.

Simple Machines, Complex Designs

Students worked together in three teams and created marble projects out of recycled material, tape, string and pulleys similar to the Rube Goldberg models. We then pieced the three marble projects together to make one giant marble machine. Students also designed sailboats and navigated the rough seas of Room 301! At the end of the week, we explored designs and ramps for cars in the gym. Stay tuned to see what projects and designs we continue to explore next week!

Building Blocks of Engineering: The Way Things Work

After a buffet of different engineering lessons and exercises last week, each student has chosen a challenge to work with for their final project. We are asking difficult questions about how to make our ideas work, and if they work, we are asking ourselves how to make it even better! Some of our challenges include making a light but strong bridge, increasing flight time of a glider, stopping a vehicle using drag, and landing an egg safely on the ground.

Cracking Codes: Patterns and Probability

Students discovered the meaning of different quilts. Students learned that some quilts were used for codes, while others told stories and were made from special pieces of fabric. We tied in wonderful stories about quilts from various times in history including the Underground Railroad and Amish quilting.

Magic Carpet Expeditions

During week two of Magic Carpet Expeditions, the explorers have been on a wild ride! We started off by learning about the locations of the continents and oceans in order to create our own world maps. We began researching countries and continents by learning how to use different tools and resources. So far, we have used maps, GoogleEarth, atlases, books, and the Internet. Students have also selected a particular country to learn about in depth. They are showcasing their knowledge by creating a "country-in-a-bag," a paper bag full of symbols that represent the country's culture.

Science of the Superhuman

This week was spent continuing to learn about the ways super humans obtain their powers, whether it be through environmental events or being born with them. In addition, the students learned about the stages of grief to understand how the theme of loss is prevalent in comic books as a tool to explain how the superhero was shaped in a pivotal moment. Stemming from these lessons, the students went to the computer lab to type up their origin stories for their original superhero or villain. We ended the week learning about superheroes who do not really have powers, but use technology to their advantage with students using materials in class to create their own "powers."

Rain Forests: Tropical Treasures

Traveling through the rain forest, we discovered which animals are endangered and why we need to save the rain forest. We then read The Great Kapok Tree by Lynn Cherry. The students then chose an endangered animal or plant to research, and created a poster to help protect the endangered species. Students are still in the process of creating and painting their mural of their tree including various plant and animal life in each of the layers of the rain forest.

The Curious Chemist: Chemistry in Our Daily Lives

As we get ready to end the week with a bang, the chemists-in-training learned more about the science behind chemical reactions and volcanoes, and we spent the week preparing our volcanoes for Friday's eruption. Students also learned about the pH of regular household items, and they spent some time in the computer lab conducting research to answer their original question. The students will continue to follow the Scientific Method to answer their questions, creating a hypothesis and testing this next week.

Planetary Science: Putting the 'U' in the Universe

Each student has been furthering their knowledge through their individual projects. Projects include games, models, diagrams, and alien life forms. Each student is challenged not only in their creativity, but also in their reasoning. If the project is a "jet" pack, then what is it make of and what is its power source? If the project is a new alien life form, what are its habits and how does it survive? Where is it from?

Get Theatrical

This week in "Get Theatrical," our budding thespians worked on getting over their stage fright by creating some "awkward silences" with their classmates! We also presented stories about themselves or an original character to the class to practice public speaking. Our students also learned about the use of a tableau in theater, and performed several original scenes - this included a very creative operation and a realistic orchestra performance of Vivaldi! We rehearsed preparing for curtain call and taking a bow as well. Finally, our much anticipated costume day resulted in several inventive improvisations! We had some crazy characters at our party, including a witches, mice, superheroes, can-can dancers, and majestic royalty - all of whom had interesting stories to tell! In the next week, we're going to begin working with our scripts and rehearsing for our final performance!

Sports Stop

Our sports and games conversation has continued with classification of games: tag games, net/wall games, invasion games, striking/field games, and target games. Students were given random equipment and asked to create a game. Students have been experimenting with the rules and game-play of their games, as well as working on individual projects that range from PowerPoint presentations to training videos!